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New homes for Ipswich

The Co-op Work Site, Ipswich, Housing

A project to create a stunning new housing development in Ipswich continues to make great progress.

The new development – which comprises 14 homes – is being implemented by Moody Homes and is being constructed on the old Co-Op works site, on Suffolk Road. Moody Homes is a house builder and new home developer, completing projects throughout Essex and London, from detached executive houses to starter homes.

Speaking to Premier Construction about the latest development for Moody Homes, Operations Director, Mark Miller, said:

“The site was formerly owned and used by the Co-Op. We secured the site in August 2012, after seeing a great deal of potential in this area of Ipswich, and work soon got underway on the new development.

“The original planning approval for the scheme had 14 homes on it. We have retained the number, however, we went back to the planners to improve the details of the scheme.”

Work began on the project in early 2013 with demolition and earthworks as the first stage of creating the development. The main superstructure works began in June and the first show home is currently on course to be completed in early 2014.

Mark commented:

“Moody Homes is a traditional housebuilder. As a developer we always try to design the properties so that when the customer moves in there is very little that they will want to change. The specification is high in all of the homes we build. Landscaping is of particular importance on this development.”

Work on the new development is now 40% complete, with all 14 properties currently under construction.

The creation of the new development will not only be an important addition to Ipswich’s housing market, it will also revitalise the area.

Mark said:

“A lot of the buildings on the land were being underused and we recognised the potential of the site and the opportunity for a housing development in this location.

“Ipswich has not been an area where we have developed in the past, but it is a desirable one. We believe the commuter belt is now pushing a little further away from London, and Ipswich is an area people are looking to maximise their investment.”

Mark added:

“Moody Homes has been running for 60 years now, building anything from single houses to large developments. We have the expertise within the organisation to take on challenging sites, so it is all about recognising where the market is and what we can produce.

“Every scheme we work on is unique with unfamiliar house types, so we always go through a learning curve, but it just means that every house receives the correct amount of care and attention. If a property takes a little bit longer to fine tune it just means that we are making sure that we are delivering a home that new buyers can truly enjoy.”

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