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Millfield Preparatory School

New Sports Pavilion, Glastonbury, Somerset

A project to construct a state of the art sports pavilion and new tennis courts at Millfield Preparatory School is well underway.

The prep school in Glastonbury, Somerset is on schedule to complete in August 2014 with the additional tennis courts already finished.

The reasoning behind the scheme was to offer state of the art facilities for visiting pupils and parents. The school already had adequate facilities for existing pupil and so were eager to provide a new, impressive venue for visiting groups.

Edgar Builders were the main contractors on the project and Premier Construction caught up with one of the firm’s Directors, Max Edgar, to find out more about the scheme. So far the two storey building has been partly constructed. The ground works and construction of the concrete block work ground floor has been completed by the onsite team, as has the pouring of the first floor concrete slabs. The next phase will be the construction of the first floor steel frame.

The ground floor is externally decorated with masonry, and the top floor comprises of a steel frame with timber stud infills, making the floor appear to be timber clad. The first floor is 60 per cent glazed in aluminium.

There is still a lot to do before the project completes in August including the completion of the steel frame, roof and cladding. Once the building is watertight the team will carry out the mechanical and electrical installation, carpentry works, install sanitary-ware items and cubicles.

Upon completion the ground floor will comprise of a series of changing rooms, showers, referees changing areas, kit stores and numerous offices. The floor also contains a lift, disabled toilet, a public entrance and foyer and a staircase that leads up to the first floor.

The first floor space contains a small hospitality area for visiting parents, a large communal area, and a 360 degree balcony that boasts views of Millfield Preparatory School’s sports fields. Max added that the building is extremely unusual and innovative in its design:

“One of the key aesthetic parts of the building is that it is an elliptical curve, which is the shape of a rugby ball, so the building is an inconsistent radius throughout its perimeter. This is quite unusual and is probably one of the most unusual pieces of architecture to be built in the local area in many years.

“It is an iconic building which is a centrepiece of the schools facilities. Edgar Builders pride ourselves on our technical ability and thinking outside the box so we are very proud to have undertaken the project to this point and for it to have been such a success.”

The facility’s balcony is covered by the venues overhanging roof which allows visitors to remain protected from the elements whilst watching the school’s sports fields. The balcony offers views of the school’s rugby pitches, football pitches, hockey pitches, new tennis courts and cricket pitch.

During the construction of the tennis courts a series of overhead power cables were diverted and put underground before the three courts could be created. The sports pavilion can now be found on the site of two of the old tennis courts that have been replaced.

Due to the site being in the middle of the school’s sports fields the team introduced a 185 metre temporary road, comprised of aluminium track way. They also liaised directly with the school staff to establish a plan so that pupils could still maintain access to all of the sporting facilities and grounds.

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