New Owner’s club for Craig Tara

Craig Tara Holiday Park

A project to transform the ground floor of a mixed use building at the Craig Tara Caravan Holiday Park into a fantastic new club has reached completion.

Park owners Bourne Leisure Ltd implemented the project, with work reaching completion in March 2014. The newly titled The Bar Owner’s Club will include a range of features for use by existing caravan owners, whilst the first floor of the building, which contains a swimming pool, gym and sauna, has been retained.

Prior to its transformation the ground floor of the two-storey building housed a number of amusement facilities for children. Most of these facilities were removed during the building’s makeover, however a children’s climbing frame has been kept.

Work began on the project in November 2013, with R Bennett as the main contractor and A&M Architectural as the architects.

Speaking to Premier Construction about the project, Paul Fuller, Architectural Technician at A&M Architectural Partnership LLP, said:

“A number of caravan owner’s facilities were already located on the first floor of the building, so work was conducted on this site in order to convert the ground floor, completing the building. The club includes an adult lounge and family lounge with a bar in between. Food will be available, with a brand new kitchen on hand to cater for guests’ needs.”

Craig Tara Holiday Park

Additional works on the project included the installation of new toilets and a refrigerated cellar for the bar. Meanwhile, to round out the project some external landscaping was conducted and a new entranceway was installed.

Paul said:

“Working on a park like this there are lots of unknown factors, such as where the existing services are, so there is always a little bit of investigative work to undertake first, but work on the project ran well.”

Paul added:

“It was interesting to see how the project evolved and what looked a little untidy to begin with has transformed into something completely different and unique.”

Craig Tara Holiday Park

Craig Tara Caravan Holiday Park is located in Ayr, one mile from Alloway, the birthplace of famous Scottish Poet Robert Burns and is situated close to the beach and boasts beautiful views over the Firth of Clyde. The park includes an indoor sports complex, a restaurant and bar and 9-hole golf course, alongside a range of touring and camping facilities.

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