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Established in 1988, Herongrange specialise in the provision of security systems, from CCTV and alarms to access control and monitoring.

Over the past 26 years Herongrange has installed security systems to many leading nation-wide projects, ensuring high quality installations and constant referrals from clients.

Herongrange caters for sites irrespective of size, providing options and modules to meet the needs and budgets of clients.

The alarm systems are flexible to work on sites with power and connectivity restraints using GSM, 3G or ADSL. Herongrange has developed wind plus solar power options for time lapse and ANPR requirements combining this with specific in house software to take access control to a new level of functionality.

Every project is fully installed and supported by Herongrange’s professional team and the company can provide protection from day one, without power or phone lines installed. Herongrange can secure sites instantly using manned guarding and their rapid deployment systems.

A spokesperson for Herongrange said:

“At Herongrange we believe no one else will take your security requirements more seriously than we do. We are passionate about providing dedicated, accountable security and monitoring services with uncompromising customer service. We welcome the opportunity to discuss a client’s exacting requirements.”

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