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Recycling with Kedel

Recycling with Kedel

When you think of cladding, fencing and gates in plastic, you can be forgiven for thinking of a cheap product with a short life.

However, the recycled plastic products from Kedel Limited, based in Colne, Lancashire, are not at all like that.

These products have the traditional look and feel of wood, but all the maintenance free advantages of plastic. WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme), an independent body funded by all 4 UK governments, has published a number of studies

showing substantial whole life cost savings when comparing recycled plastic with wood, where both would be continually exposed to the elements.

This finding has been confirmed by several well-known housing associations, such as ‘Your Housing’ and ‘Whitefriars’ groups, who have already replaced great swathes of fencing, on their housing estates in Partington, Manchester and the West Midlands, with a recycled plastic alternative supplied by Kedel. They report up to 80% savings on maintenance and replacement and plan to roll this solution out on all their UK properties this year.

New build council housing in Nelson specified recycled plastic for double gates at the rear of the properties in plastic wood tear drop tongue and groove, manufactured by Kedel Limited from recycled crushed CD cases.

It’s all recycled and recyclable, ticking all the boxes for eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, maintenance free, whole life cost saving solutions.

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