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Private Residence, Guernsey - MOOARC Ltd, Guernsey Design Awards 2014

Moo Architects, a Guernsey based design practice, were recently shortlisted in the bi-annual Guernsey Design Awards and saw three of their projects nominated.

Premier Construction Channel Islands caught up with Jamie Falla of Moo Architects to find out more about the three projects that were shortlisted.

Choin De Vacque – or Cow’s Corner – is one of the impressive developments that Moo Architects were heavily involved in. The project involved the transformation of a disused, semi-derelict 1950’s villa which the owners wanted to turn into a contemporary home, which had the added bonus of being low maintenance. Moo managed to create a very minimal exterior design, as requested by the clients, with concrete and timber floors covering the inside of the property.

Private Residence, Guernsey - MOOARC Ltd, Guernsey Design Awards 2014


Jamie Falla said:

The clients wanted us to create a home that was big enough for a family of five; they also wanted us to make the most of the space and take advantage of the east coast views. During the development, we tried to reuse Guernsey granite from the original structure, as well as reinterpret the old Guernsey longhouse and bring it into the 21st century.

The plot faces north west so we endeavoured to let in as much southern light as possible; we also turned the villas back on the sites south elevation to avoid disruption from the restaurant next door. We finished the project in 2013 after a five year development period.”

Orchard Hill –, Guernsey Design Awards 2014

Orchard Hill is another scheme of Moo’s that has achieved the shortlist; this project centred on another 1950’s property with a separate dwelling incorporated in it. The separate dwelling was south facing and so obscured any light from the garden; the owners were keen to remove the freestanding separate building to another position on the site which allowed the team to build a guest wing.

The three-year project also included the construction of a single storey garden room which comprises an impressive open plan kitchen-dining-sitting room located in the centre of the sites leafy garden, acting as a courtyard room.

Orchard Hill –, Guernsey Design Awards 2014

Number One George Road, the final of Moo’s shortlisted projects in the Design Awards, is located in one of the oldest areas of Guernsey. The property used to hold a single storey garaging facility; however it has now been completely transformed into a contemporary four storey apartment building with garages below.

Private Residence, Guernsey - MOOARC Ltd, Guernsey Design Awards 2014


The owner and developer of Number One George Road lives on the top two floors of the property. The building boasts stunning views over the east coast of the island. The project was lengthy as gaining planning permission was an arduous task; after seven years the project was finally completed.

Orchard Hill –, Guernsey Design Awards 2014

Jamie said:

Number One George Road was definitely worth the investment and time as the development is now viewed as a site of top end residential apartment buildings. The collaboration between the client, contractor, planners and ourselves worked really well; I don’t think it is possible to carry out these large projects without massive amounts of commitment and dedicated collaboration.

Private Residence, Guernsey - MOOARC Ltd, Guernsey Design Awards 2014


It was hugely important for us to have three of our projects nominated and shortlisted; it shows the hard work that our clients and our teams carry out is appreciated. We are amazingly pleased and privileged to work with great clients who push boundaries.”


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