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Picture:Brian Green - 19/06/2012 - Aerial F - New Beaucamp school, Guernsey

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Les Beaucamps School is the award-winning project, which picked up the accolade of Best Non-Residential (Over £250k) property at the recent Guernsey Design Awards 2014. Works on the £30 million state of the art teaching environment began in December 2010 and reached completion in July 2012. The five-storey facility, which holds 660 students, was built on the same site as the existing school whilst the school was in operation which made the development slightly more challenging than a usual construction scheme.

The project comprised the construction of a brand new school and a connected sports development. The development was commissioned by The States of Guernsey Education Department in a bid to create a safe, inclusive environment and an improved facility for management, teaching and wellbeing. R G Falla acted as the main contractor alongside project architects; Design Engine and Peter Brett Associates, the engineer.

The school was constructed from concrete foundations, a steel frame and precast concrete planks. The external facade comprised a mixture of cladding, brickwork and curtain wall glazing and the building also benefits from natural ventilation and extensive insulation. An air source heat pump system has also been incorporated in order to provide under floor heating throughout the school.

Picture:Brian Green - 19/06/2012 - Aerial F - New Beaucamp school, Guernsey

The new school features a fully equipped science block, a food technology department and designated areas for English, art, music, history and maths. All 36 classrooms also include interactive white boards and the building has many modern features. Once the former building was deconstructed works began on developing a multi-use games area and sports development comprising a 25-metre swimming pool, a multiuse sports hall and a fully equipped gym.

During the project particular attention was paid to the external areas of the site, especially between the buildings, circulation and social space. Dark grey zinc was used on the buildings roofs which ties in with the traditional Guernsey slate roofs used on properties throughout the island. Magenta coloured glass is used throughout Les Beaucamps and blends in with the Campion flowers that flourish around the site.

The team developed a specific brick blend and mortar colour, entitled “Beaucamps Blend” which incorporates the hues of local granites. Anodised aluminium curtain wall and macatious iron oxide coatings were used as they can withstand a marine environment. Internally the team adopted a very simple design including painted blockwork walls and exposed concrete ceiling planks.

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