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Bid for new waste facilities

Picture:Brian Green - 11/04/2012 - Aerial E - Guernsey new waste facilities

The Channel Island of Guernsey recently began procurement for contracts to design, build and operate major infrastructure facilities to process the island’s waste.

The island’s government looked to award contracts to extract and process recyclables, treat food waste, and prepare residual waste to be exported for energy recovery from 2016.

The launch of the procurement followed the agreement of a new long-term waste strategy, which aimed to recycle 70% of Guernsey’s waste by 2025. It will also see the island move away from landfill as its primary disposal method.

A technique known as In Vessel Composting (IVC) will be used to process food waste and produce a compost-like material. A Waste Transfer Station (WTS) will be built to extract further recyclables from residual waste before processing it ready for export for energy recovery.

A designated site has already been identified for the IVC and WTS, both of which will be new facilities. The waste strategy also requires a materials recovery facility (MRF), which will process household recyclables and, potentially, also include some commercial waste segregation.

Different options are being considered for this element. A MRF operator could be awarded a service contract to use existing facilities on the island, or a new plant could be built alongside the IVC and transfer station. The most cost-effective overall solution will be identified through the tendering process. All the facilities will include a ten year operating contract.

The waste strategy procurement is the latest in a series of major infrastructure projects the island has commissioned since 2012.

A two year, £80 million refurbishment of Guernsey Airport’s runway, taxiways, aircraft parking aprons and drainage is nearing completion and freight handling facilities at the island’s main harbour are currently undergoing a £14 million upgrade. A new £11 million wastewater facility was also opened last year.

The initial stage of the latest procurement was a pre-qualification questionnaire, which was accessible via the tender portal. Companies interested in bidding for some or all of the new management facilities had until 24th March to complete this, after which shortlists were drawn up.

Invitations to tender are expected to be issued in April, and a preferred bidder or bidders will be appointed later this year. Construction is then expected to begin in early 2015, with the facilities fully commissioned and operational in 2016.

A separate tendering process will be carried out later this year, for a contract to export the island’s residual waste for energy recovery from 2016 onwards.

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