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TFT goes Global

TFT goes global

The TFT family is expanding to offer an even wider range of services to the timber and construction industries.

Timber consultancy practice TFT Woodexperts, and its sister company Technology for Timber, will soon be joined by TFT Global.

Founded in 1991, TFT Woodexperts offers specialist knowledge, training, site inspections and expert witness testimony to clients in the timber industry, the construction industry, legal professionals and individual householders. In more recent times, Technology for Timber (soon to be re-branded as TFT Certification) has offered the Diamond Mark scheme to certify timber products, including plywood and softwood construction products.

TFT Global will provide commercially-focused assistance, using its knowledge of timber – and the industry – to help overseas suppliers to develop commercial links with the UK market. The services of TFT Woodexperts have been sought all over the world, and this expansion now marks an exciting new development in the evolution of the companies under the TFT umbrella.

Services offered by TFT Global will include assisting trade missions, translating promotional material and demystifying UK regulations – all, of course, backed up by specialist technical knowledge.

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