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New launch from Rotafix

Rotafix are pleased to announce the launch of their latest development in their range of Fire Protective Woodstains.

The latest addition to the very successful Pyroprotect™ now offers colour stability as well as first class Euroclass B-s1 d0  rotection against flame spread.

For Customers wanting their timber cladding or wooden structures to maintain that just built appearance then Pyroprotect™ Ultra could just be what they are looking for.

The product is designed for both industrial and DIY use, for treating log houses, wooden houses, wooden facades, cladding, profiles, fences, bridges, etc. The non-toxic nature of the product makes it suitable for animal shelters such as kennels.

Compatible with all soft and hard woods Pyroprotect™ wood stains offers year round protection from wood boring insects, mould and rot.

The Pyroprotect range does not require specialist application equipment or environment it can be applied in situ using a brush, sprayer or dipping making it easy, flexible and cost effective to use. For industrial timber production it can be integrated into the production line processes.

This product is available from Rotafix in 1L, 5l and 25l Containers. With the product remaining active for 20 years it is a cost effect and time saving product.

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