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Southern Water

Owned by Greensands Investments Limited, Southern Water is the main water supplier in the South East of England with headquarters in Worthing, West Sussex.

The company supplies water throughout an area of 10,530km², which ranges from East Kent through parts in Sussex, to the Isle of Wight.

Southern Water supplies drinking water to two million customers and treats the wastewater from four and half million customers. Almost 70 per cent of the water derives from underground sources known as aquifers, with 23 per cent from rivers and the remaining 7 per cent from storage reservoirs.

The supply and treatment of water involves managing 368 wastewater treatment works, 2360 pumping stations, 39,000km of sewers, 90 water treatments and 13,735km of water mains. Between 2010 and 2015 Southern Water are investing a remarkable £1.8 billion to advance the progress of the water supply and the company itself. This money will increase the quality of water, provide protection for the environment and safeguard water supplies.

Southern Water strives to fulfil its responsibilities by maintaining high social, economic and environmental standards within its business. This approach guarantees happy customers and preserves a successful business.

On average a typical household water bill for the customers with Southern Water for 2013-14 totals to £449, comprising of a water bill for around £158 and a typical wastewater bill of around £291. Southern Water has many plans and visions in order to maintain and improve services for all customers for the upcoming years, taking pride in delivering exceptional services.

Southern Water works with an extensive range of contractors in order to secure the prolonged use of water services. There are 35 key suppliers including Siemens, Atkins and 4Delivery all of which contribute highly toward Southern Water maintaining a professional standard and good quality services.

A selection of vastly motivated and professional teams of telephone workers are also part of the success of the company, who strive to meet the customers’ queries and problems daily, via the telephone as well as directly in the community.

Ofwat is the economic regulator that ensures the water supplied by Southern Water is of a good high quality, and also that a respectable service is being given at a fair price. This is done by price limits provided by Ofwat to ensure that customers aren’t paying more than they should for the service they receive.

Southern Water understands the importance of contributing toward the community and takes pride in aiding those in need of support. Impressively they commit to helping several charities chosen by the staff; these include WaterAid, Cancer Research UK, NSPCC and many more. Southern Water holds several fundraising events every year and by doing so raises thousands of pounds for these individual charities. For example Southern Water holds the annual charity ball as well as monthly ‘dress down’ days at the offices in order to raise money and awareness. Southern Water also help out within the community by running a Community Volunteer Programme in which staff are paid to help out with their chosen charities or with community projects.

Water efficiency is something which Southern Water also greatly values and they wish to share this awareness with others, in order to save water and make individuals appreciate the importance of it. Southern Water run an Aqua Innovation programme which provides an opportunity to teach children in schools and youth groups about the value of water. The company even provides a Water Efficiency Show which is performed by theatre groups across schools in order to get the message about saving water across in a more fun and suitable way.

The reputation of Southern Water is validated also by the several awards that they have received. In 2014 alone the company was the proud winner of Partnership Initiative of the Year award, in addition to the Gold Award for Cleaner Seas for Sussex and the Silver Award for flood alleviation scheme in Portsmouth and Southsea.

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