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Haynes International Motor Museum

Haynes International, Yeovil, Somerset

Haynes International Motor Museum is a new museum project worth an impressive £5 million which commenced in 2012 and is now fully completed, displaying over 400 cars and motorcycles.

Haynes Developments Ltd was the main contractor on the project involving extension, renovation and refurbishment.

Chris Haynes, the managing director of Haynes Developments, said:

“We’ve created a new entrance, three new exhibition halls, a new restaurant plus much more. We have improved the test track in addition to refurbishing three halls, built a children’s playground, as well as landscaped and improved the exterior of the museum dramatically. The project has involved an extensive refurbishment and new build, and from a design building perspective we have created a whole new frontage.”

The museum runs parallel with a road that measures about 300 metres long; in front of the older building a very striking architecturally designed building can be found. This has been situated in this way in order to create further awareness of the museum and draw in additional attraction from passing and stopping visitors.

The company wanted to be involved in this project, which involved embellishing the building, in order to lead visitors to an impressive setting where they can admire the museum and its stunning collection.

Haynes International, Yeovil, Somerset

The project was undertaken in three core consecutive phases and whilst this was happening the museum remained open and accessible to the public, despite this being a slight difficulty. A couple of halls had to be closed when conducting the refurbishment due to replacing the roof structure; however the onsite team managed to finish that very quickly in the museums quietest month of the year – opening season – therefore it didn’t cause too much disturbance.

Chris stated:

“We were fortunate as before we even commenced working in the front of the building we used an area at the back of the museum to turn it into a temporary entrance, café and shop. The space was an exhibition hall which originally was a workshop garage for storing cars, so we converted that into a temporary space for that purpose and then we were able to completely control the front of house.

“We screened off the whole front of the museum, and as builders we were able to get in there and control that whole space. As we were constructing new buildings at the front of the museum, it meant that the inside of the museum could predominantly be left untouched.”

Originally there was an architect working with HDL however they only got so far as planning with the company. The business agreed to keep the architects involved with checking and dealing with drawings and then Haynes Development project engineered themselves, as well as conducting the project designing on site, and in house between Chris the managing director and his deputy.

Haynes International, Yeovil, Somerset

Several challenges arose during the progress of the Haynes International Motor Museum project which meant that the construction of the project and the time scales were not exactly as originally planned. The flooding in Somerset and the extreme high winds affected the progress of the project yet despite this, the onsite team managed to surpass these obstacles and successfully complete what is now an astonishing renovation.

Following the accomplishment of the finalised motor museum, the feedback that has been received has been excellent. The development was a massive project especially for a relatively small, family business like Haynes Developments; but they managed to complete this without making any sacrifices to the museum.

Chris said:

“People are blown away by how fantastic it looks! Bearing in mind the location of which the building is situated in, it seems exciting for the addition of a futuristic-looking and modern building to be placed within such a rural setting.”

The grand opening of the new Haynes International Motor Museum took place on Wednesday 16th April, with over 500 guests from around the world coming to view the remarkable attraction. There were many influential figures that also appeared at the opening including mayors, celebrities, councillors, leading business CEOs and others.

Haynes International, Yeovil, Somerset

Another aspect of the project saw the museum’s new exhibition halls made accessible; the halls were fit to bust with Minis and Micros, Century of Supercars and Motorcycle Mezzanine. Also opened was the new Haynes Motorland Children’s adventure play zone, three modernised halls and new events amenities in the ‘Engine Rooms’.

As MP Ed Vaizey cut the ribbon to the entrance, he declared:

“I was delightful to be invited to open the new Haynes International Museum which I know has been a stunning success over the last thirty years and I have every confidence will be even more so over the next thirty years. It has been impressive to see the journey from over 30 to over 400 cars and motorcycles in the collection.

“As well as bringing a much needed boost to the local Somerset economy and creating jobs, the new Museum will in the future continue to attract visitors and investment to the West Country at a key time for the South West following the recent flooding.”

Haynes International, Yeovil, Somerset

The guests were even given the opportunity to experience the feel of several of the Museum’s array of cars, which is possibly the UK’s largest global collection.

It is clear that Haynes Developments are proud of their admirable achievements, as they should be. The main contractors are pleased to say that they have delivered an exciting and extraordinary facility for the public to access and admire. The workforce now believes that the inspiring exterior of the museum accurately represents the very impressive collection of cars and motorbikes on the inside of the building.

When discussing the matter, Chris claimed:

“It was a very proud moment for me; I had all my family and children at the opening, it’s always been the intention that the building would be a catalyst to stamp the museums authority in this field of being a world player and now it has the facility to make that claim.”

The firm also insists that they are very satisfied with the value for money, claiming that they understand how easy it is for some companies to end up wasting money or spending more than they should on construction renovations. The business also believes that the results produced are most certainly encouraging, with promises to exceed expectations.

Haynes International, Yeovil, Somerset


Haynes Development Ltd is a general construction company which deals with all types of building including design and build, architectural renovation, interior design and commercial construction. The two key areas that the business supports are Property Management and Construction Services.

The establishment was formed in July 1964 by brothers John and David Haynes, however at the time it was known as David M Haynes & Co. The company was then registered for the second time in 1983 as Haynes Developments Ltd. Gradually the business has extended its workforce with a skilled and competent team of craftsmen, sub-contractors and suppliers to reinforce the success of the firm and its variety of facilities. This also allows for a greatly personalised service to all clients offering a range of services.

The business’s contractor based experience alongside the specialised resources allows HDL to run a successful construction service. By applying a mixture of traditional and contemporary procedures, the company is able to restore and renovate historic buildings whilst preserving their historic features and authenticity, in addition to the property market value. The company have effectively kept to budget and deadlines whilst working on numerous projects, resulting in a positive repertoire.

Haynes International, Yeovil, Somerset

Haynes Development Ltd has ensured that their approach to interior design is a fresh, contemporary concept. The company works closely with several highly recommended local designers in order to satisfy the clients’ needs.

The property management and letting system of which the business firm has incorporates the specific requests of clients and by utilising their extensive network of professional letting and management advisors; they can exploit the open market. Having spent years maintaining their own personal and other clients’ property, HDL is familiar with the property requirements in terms of essential maintenance and improvement. The business knows the requirements of protecting the core infrastructure in addition to the lifespan of the property, whilst understanding that a controlled and fair budget is necessary.

The portfolio that the business has steadily obtained and expanded comprises of several developments with commercial and residential clients. For example, aside of the International Motor Museum HDL have also finalised Haynes Publishing Group PLC, Sparkford and Senyah Ltd, Yeovil. Residential projects that the company have completed include Belmont Terrace, Weymouth and Manor House in Bath.


Museum Opening times

2nd March to 31st October

Monday – Sunday

9.30am -5.30pm

1st November to 1st March

Monday – Sunday

10:00am- 4:30pm

The Museum is open all day, every day (except 24th, 25th and 26th December and 1st January)

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