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A&B Industrial Services Ltd

Established in 1979, A&B Industrial Services Ltd. is a leading supplier of specialist commercial equipment to businesses across the world.

Based in the North East of England, the company has a wide UK customer base, as well as a strong presence in countries further afield, like Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

When the company was initially established, the majority of sales were made through a dedicated mail-order catalogue, which was delivered to businesses on a regular basis. Nowadays, the company’s extensive range of over 10,000 items is available to buy through their website,, though the catalogue still remains an important part of the brand.

The company supplies a range of equipment to businesses and organisations working within a variety of industries, from factories to warehouses, hospitals, offices and more. Offering everything from pallet racking to industrial shelving and bins to lockers, the brand is dedicated to making the working lives of both staff and employees easier and safer.

Recognising the needs of their customers, A&B Industrial Services not only offers free delivery on orders over £100, helping to keep costs to a minimum, dispatch within 24 hours is also available. This means that the goods can be received quickly, without delay to working processes.

Where necessary, the brand also offers full on-site consultations to their clients. Through offering their expert advice, A&B Industrial Services Ltd is able to provide more information about their products, ensuring clients choose the most suitable equipment for their individual needs. In addition, the company also provides a full design and installation service.

Speaking on behalf of A&B Industrial Services, George Paul Pringle said: “At A&B Industrial Services, we are committed to two main aims: providing high-quality commercial equipment to a range of sectors, while also delivering unparalleled customer service.

“With over thirty years in the industry, our continued success is a testament to our dedication to our customers. In the future, we hope to expand our product range and continue to deliver the standards of service our customers expect.”


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