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Helm Housing is a registered Housing Association in Northern Ireland, as well as a non-profit organisation that has been running since 1975.

Helm is one of the leading associations in Northern Ireland, having made many significant contributions to the housing community.

Helm manages over 5,000 properties offering homes for more than 15,000 people. The housing that they provide is funded through the Housing Association Grant and private funding.

The association develop and manage rented accommodation for single people, the elderly and supported housing for people with special needs. Helm understands that providing housing with suitable budgets and support services is essential within the business.

The association work alongside the Department for Social Development (DSD), Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations (NIFHA) and other statutory and voluntary parties.

One project completed by the association is Hemsworth Court, a supported housing scheme for people with dementia in partnership with Belfast Health & Social Care Trust. This property was finalised in June 2013 and includes 20 two person apartments all with one bedroom, ten two person two bedroom apartments and five one person bedroom apartments. Part of this scheme also included 24 hour support provided to those occupying the homes.

Michael Foster, Development Director for Helm Housing said:

“The feedback from this project has been positive so far, it was a bit slow in terms of the uptake but we’re now starting to put people in to the scheme so we now have two thirds of the property with residents living there.”

Michael added:

“There’s a coffee bar, potting shed, assistant bathrooms, landscape garden, cinema room, games room, quiet room; so there’s a huge amount of facilities to encourage interaction and its done in a way to help residents make their way around the building.”

Doagh Road is another recent project that Helm has developed, for residents in a scheme named Active Elderly which is people over the age of 55. The building comprised of 13 units in total all with two bedrooms, with a two-storey block and a three-storey block. This has been open nearly two years now and the responses have been positive. Dixons was the main contractor for his project.

Another project that Helm has completed is a residential housing unit named Ormeau Embankment, the main contractor being TAL Ltd. This property was made up of 47 properties in total including 25 houses and 22 two bedroom apartments.

Michael said:

“This building was part of the grounds of Belfast institute and unfortunately had contamination issues that we had to resolve; there were very high density type dwellings in that area so we replicated that but increased the over floor layout of the properties.”

Donaghadee Road is a twelve month project which Helm Housing were involved with in March 2013 and is now complete. With six two bed apartments, the location of the property also has an added appeal with sea views from the apartment windows. Qmac Construction was the main contractor for the developments, having contributed to a successful project.

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