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Typing Room & Peg + Patriot

typing room restaurant, Bethnal Green, London

Situated in Bethnal Green, London is the award-winning Town Hall Hotel.

Two neighbouring recent developments have taken place at the hotel; the Peg + Patriot and Typing Room. The whole refurbishment began on site 1st March 2014 and is now complete and open for the public to visit.

The main contractor of the project, Falcon Property Ltd, is a company with a long-standing relationship with the Town Hall Hotel, having worked on a lot of the hotels developments prior to this one. The new renovations include the Peg + Patriot, a new stylish cocktail bar; and set adjacent to this is the Typing Room, a brand new restaurant.

The 40-cover diner has replaced its predecessor Viajante, owned by Nuno Mendes. The restaurant has seen a full refurbishment and re-brand, consisting of the installation of a completely renovated bar, new furniture and flooring. Re-plastering the walls and re-tiling, manufacturing fresh seating and fitting new lights was also a part of the transformation. Two independent interior designers, Lucinda Bell and Arianna Rees Roberts applied their design skills and knowledge to contribute toward the makeover.

typing room restaurant, Bethnal Green, London


Beside the Typing Room is the Peg + Patriot, the newly fashioned cocktail bar which has also undergone a series of revamp developments. This included stripping out the existing equipment from the bar as well as the ceiling and light fittings; completely rebuilding the bar and coating it in a special plaster finish to create a distressed wood appearance.

Managing Director of Falcon Property, Daniel O’Callaghan said:

I have done a variety of work for the Town Hall Hotel from when it was first opened, and so was asked to be a part of this new project. There were such tight timescales and the contractor who was originally involved pulled out, so Falcon Property was happy to take over this responsibility.”

The project ran rather smoothly and there seemed to be no real difficulties. Daniel added:

In terms of encountering difficulties there were none, except from the challenge of tight time scales. Also, there was the fact that we were operating on a functioning hotel; however to work around this we simply blocked off the bar and restaurant from the hotel so there was no access, and guests were provided with a substitute dining area.”

typing room restaurant, Bethnal Green, London

Additionally, during working hours the workforce refrained from any drilling during early hours or any loud, disruptive works so as not to upset the guests. To be productive the team ensured they dealt with other tasks in the mornings such as decorating and fittings.

Falcon has worked on an array of other development schemes for Unlisted Collection, owners of the Town Hall Hotel, including properties in London, Singapore and Shanghai. Falcon has assisted in the development of these properties, offering their high quality delivery and continuous maintenance services.

The Typing Room’s menu consists of a delicious range of snacks, starters, mains and a six course tasting menu. From mackerel, passion fruit, burnt cucumber and radish to lamb, smoked aubergine, wild garlic, yoghurt and onions; there is something tasty for every guest. Other dishes include yeasted cauliflower, raisins, capers and mint and snacks such as crispy fish skin, smoked cod, oyster and dill and chicken wing ‘drumstick’, wild garlic, potato and lemon.

typing room restaurant, Bethnal Green, London

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