LABC South Wales Awards 2014 – Cae Seiri

Successful building firm Basset and MacGregor have played a integral part in the construction of an award-winning housing site named Cae Seiri, Carmarthen.

The LABC South Wales Awards 2014 titled Cae Seiri as ‘Best Small New Housing Site’. The building company secured a contract with Basmac Homes and began working on site in late 2012, having finalised the plans of all the properties ready for potential buyers.

The housing site is based in Carmarthen, a picturesque community in the town of Carmarthenshire, Wales. Carmarthen lays claim to being the oldest town in Wales, with the settlements of the old town and new town uniting into a single borough in 1546. The town combines a mixture of traditional and contemporary characteristics and is an extremely relaxing place to enjoy the views, savour the traditions as well as take part in the many activities available.

The introduction of a new small housing site has been welcomed within the community as it offers housing for families and couples. The units comprise seven bedrooms therefore allowing lots of space for big families, or providing a plethora of guest rooms for buyers. The innovative attic conversion areas can be found in some of the units and allow space for two extra bedrooms.

David Morgan is an independent Tenby-based architect and acted as the main architect during the development. David acquired a passion for architecture at an early age and has established a successful repertoire over the years by working on several architectural projects in London and Cardiff. David attended the University of Cardiff and so is an expert with the concept of design and art and has created many sketches and paintings throughout this career.

The Cae Seiri team undertook a complete design and build process in order to erect the housing site what it is today. The seven property premises comprise bespoke two-storey units, including those made up of five bedrooms and an attic conversion. Each unit covers around 3.5000² feet, with prices ranging from £400,000 and above.

The essential materials used in the property development were supplied by Brockwhite Construction Materials; the team also added PV panels to the houses roofs in order to promote energy saving structures.

To find out some more information, Premier Construction caught up with Managing Director of Basset & MacGregor, Andrew Basset. Andrew said:

“The scheme came together really well, there was a lot of thought and careful planning that went into the project in the early stages before the building came together. It’s been a worthwhile and successful project to be involved with and we are very happy with the consistent results.”

The LABC Awards provide an opportunity for noteworthy buildings and the parties involved to be recognised and applauded for their achievements. Finalists are judged on the quality of the building from a constructional and technical perspective, rather than the architectural beauty. The Building Excellence Awards stretch across England and Wales, with regional qualifiers reaching the grand finals.

When questioned about how it felt to be announced as the winner of the award for Best Small New Housing Site, Andrew replied:

It’s great to be recognised for our high quality services, and this will of course help with future sales which is a bonus.”

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