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Q hotels have launched a brand new innovative flexible working package for guests, recognising the changing requirements of guests travelling for business or leisure.

Following suit from the extension of the flexible working law, meaning that anyone will have the right to request working from home or more flexible hours, Q hotels has launched the first of its kind flexible working packages, offering business travellers the chance to have their family join them on a business trip free of charge.

Commenting on the new approach to business travel and family time, Claire Rowland, Marketing Director at Q hotels said:

“We live in a digital world where we are always on, 24/7, 365 days a year. For a lot of us this means constantly being connected to the office, thus removing the need to work traditional hours in a traditional environment. As a result, we are becoming more experimental in our working behaviour.

It is becoming increasingly acceptable to blend business and leisure, whether it’s through companies relaxing the rules on allowing casual clothing everyday or inviting your family to join you on a business trip.”

Q hotels have demonstrated how committed it is to putting guests first, by investing £1.2 million in it’s IT system to offer free Wi-fi internet access in all public areas of its hotels and in every bedroom. Claire Rowland, Marketing Director added:

“We know many businesses are keen to advocate a better work/life balance for employees. By launching this initiative, we hope to facilitate companies in providing employees with quality time with their families. Everything we do at Q hotels is with the guest in mind and launching the flexible working package demonstrate our commitment to recognising and delivering to guests needs.”

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