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Vincent Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh, Amsterdam
Written by Roma Publications

Van Gogh, Amsterdam

The creation of a brand new dining offer at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has been well received and is set to attract more visitors to the already extremely popular tourist attraction.

The museum was originally designed by famous architect Gerrit Rietveld and so the restaurant has been styled in line with the building’s original character, in a bid to maintain the historical aspects of the property.

Premier Construction caught up with Francesco Messori,Design Director of the Amsterdam based interior design studio D/DOCK, who undertook the interior design on the project. D/DOCK was assigned to this project by the hospitality partner of the Van Gogh Museum, the Vermaat Group. The Vermaat Group is a creative catering company with over 150 locations in the Netherlands.

Van Gogh, Amsterdam

Francesco said:

We created the style of the restaurant and designed the space and layout. Working alongside successful catering company Vermaat Group we constructed the café’s layout around the company’s food and beverage and general catering strategy.

We have created a free counter system which displays an array of salads, hot meals and finger foods. The space is an environment that can be used every day for visitors but also can be utilised in the evening for special gatherings and events.”

Works began on the project in June 2012 and took just over one year to complete, with caterer and project managers Vermaat subcontracting all of the required interior elements out to local traders. D/DOCK provided the materials required, as well as creating the spaces design and layout.

The restaurant offers picturesque views of the museums landscaped park through the large windows at the back of the restaurant. Upon entering the space guests are greeted by a large free flowing counter on the left where diners can choose from a variety of freshly cooked and prepared dishes.

Van Gogh, Amsterdam

The dining space features a variety of seating situated directly in front of the large windows and along the back wall of the space. A statuesque cupboard can be found in the restaurant containing relics relating to Van Gogh’s life and paintings.

The space also contains a library-table where guests can peruse a number of historical information and pamphlets as they sip their coffees; learning about the infamous artist as they relax. The restaurant space has been designed to be functional, as well as informative and so offers guests to the museum a convenient venue to relax, whilst ensuring they can still continue learning.

The 80 cover restaurant has been decorated in very neutral colours, using light woods and pastel shades throughout. The space does contain numerous features that boast the traditional Van Gogh Museum colours of yellow and blue including a number of decorative lamps.

Francesco added:

To have had the opportunity to design a section of one of the most visited museums in Netherlands is great for us. Designing a contemporary restaurant that relates to the history and culture of Van Gogh and the great architect Rietveld has been amazing.”

Van Gogh, Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum consists of two buildings; the main structure designed by Gerrit Rietveld which opened in 1973, and the Exhibition Wing designed by Kisho Kurokawa completed in 1999. The architecture of the museum has a complex history: apart from these two architects, several others have contributed to finishing, rebuilding or remodelling parts of both buildings.

As well as holding an array of Van Gogh masterpieces, a number of top-quality reproductions can be admired within the museum; entitled The Relievo collection. Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh is famous for an array of paintings including Sunflowers, Starry Night, Irises, The Potato Eaters, Poppies, The Bedrooms, The Mulberry Tree and The Night Café.

Van Gogh, Amsterdam

As well as displaying Van Gogh’s genius the museum also holds an extensive offer of exhibitions on various subjects from 19th-century art history. The museum’s current exhibition is entitled ‘The World of Van Gogh’ and celebrates the painter’s life through the iconic images of photographer Emmy Andriesse.

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