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LHC Framework Arrangement
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LHC Framework Arrangement

LHC is a not-for-profit consortium which was devised to provide procurement solutions for public sector bodies, including schools, local authorities and housing associations.

The LHC works for its members as well as any other public sector organisation which looks to improve efficiency without making compromises to the quality of a development.

As a Central Purchasing Body, LHC acts as a Contracting Authority and establishes frameworks in strict accordance with regulations set by public sector bodies. Frameworks have been developed by industry specialists, who have drawn on technical experience to provide the best possible benefits to the industry.

One such framework is the Vacant Property Protection & Associated Services (V6) framework. The V6 framework arrangement provides services which are designed to reduce the amount of time that a property remains empty.

In order to ensure the property is maintained, the framework includes specialist clearance operations, a programme of pre-let cleaning and garden maintenance, and regular property inspections. Security of a vacant property is also very important, so the V6 framework includes the erection of temporary perimeter fencing, the installation of alarms with monitoring and response, and the installation of property screens and doors.

Utilising the V6 framework can be extremely beneficial as it can result in a quick turnaround time for empty properties and at the same time reduce costs associated with trespassing, theft, damage or legal disputes. The framework also maintains a set standard throughout with access to an online portal which provides real-time communications to ISO 90001 Quality Management Systems. In addition, the V6 also offers a more cosmetic incentive as it ensures dwellings retain a certain standard of appearance so that they do not become a blot within the neighbourhood.

The Vacant Property Protection & Associated Services (V6) framework is available to all local authorities, housing associations and public sector bodies throughout the UK.

A spokesperson for LHC said:

“LHC sets up framework arrangements for organisations wishing to improve efficiency without compromising quality and in full compliance with EU and UK procurement rules and regulations. Promoting sustainability in procurement and enhancing environmental, social and economic conditions are key considerations in the development of LHC frameworks.

“Our frameworks are developed by our own experienced technical specialists with expert knowledge of framework components. Expert advice is available from the pre-tender stage to project completion. With nearly 50 years’ procurement experience, we are fully conversant with the rules and regulations of procurement in this specialist area where compliancy is essential. We will also ensure best value is achieved whilst maintaining quality, efficiency and competency.

“LHC frameworks deliver quality products and services at the best price as well as adding value through customer care, project delivery and free technical support.”

For more information about LHC please visit:

Orbis Protect

Orbis Protect specialise in the security and management of vacant properties. The company has been in operation for 30 years, and in this time Orbis Protect have managed empty properties for Registered Social Landlords – local authorities, housing associations and private companies – throughout the United Kingdom.

Speaking to Premier Construction magazine about their work with the LHC Framework Arrangement, Brian Donald, Business Development Director of Orbis Protect said:

Any Registered Social Landlord who wants to use our services can procure them through the LHC V6 Framework. The LHC Framework Arrangement is a national arrangement, with a fixed maximum pricing structure. RSL’s can therefore be sure they are procuring best value from Orbis Protect, and are complying with all procurement regulations, without the need for a lengthy and costly tendering process.”

Brian added:

Orbis Protect pride ourselves on the high quality of our service delivery, and on our ability to build good working relationships with our clients.”



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