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Gordon Street Coffee

St Roberts, Glasgow Central Station
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St Roberts, Glasgow Central Station

Situated at 79 Gordon Street in Glasgow Central Station, Gordon Street Coffee is a brand new coffee shop serving hot coffee and snacks a plenty.

The venue is located at the entrance of the station and occupies a unit which formerly housed Boots.

Gordon Street Coffee is a one-of-a-kind coffee shop, roasting its own coffee on site. The coffee shop offers customers The Glasgow Roast – which celebrates Glasgow’s historical trading links – and this is a bold and bright roast which captures the spirit of the city’s citizens. The Glasgow Roast is unique to Gordon Street Coffee and is perfect for the site’s selection of hot drinks which come in sizes ‘wee’ and ‘big’.

As well as serving up coffee daily, the venue serves up a selection of hot and cold sandwiches, as well as confectionery, pastries and soups. Sandwiches on offer include Sweet as a Pig; Love Meat Tender; and the good old fashioned ham ‘n’ cheese.

St Roberts, Glasgow Central Station

Gordon Street Coffee Manager, Jemma Richmond, said:

“Everything at Gordon Street Coffee is prepared fresh on site. From a range of hot and cold food, either to sit-in or to go, to our three coffee blend choices, roasted in-house. Our staff give the people of Glasgow a proper cup of coffee from early morning until well after rush hour.”

Gordon Street Coffee has been implemented by food and drink group Glendola Leisure and is not only a fantastic venue, but is actually one of two new ventures from the group. Gordon Street Coffee is joined by Alston Bar and Beef, a tempting steak restaurant which is located directly below the coffee shop and was installed along with the coffee shop.

St Roberts, Glasgow Central Station

International architecture and interior design practice Jestico & Whiles delivered both projects for Glendola Leisure alongside local executive architect J. A. Leask. The interiors for Gordon Street Coffee combine subtle references to the industrial age of rail travel and traditional brasserie motifs, such as the mosaic tiled floor and glacial marble counters. A robust studded steel staircase leads up to the roasting platform suspended within the coffee shop where customers can sit and witness the roasting process whilst surveying the activity of the coffee shop below.

St Roberts, Glasgow Central Station

Phelan was the main contractor on the twin project, completing both simultaneously to the bespoke designs originated by Jestico & Whiles.

Premier Hospitality spoke to Architect Jack Rugg of Jestico & Whiles about the inspiration for the interiors at Gordon Street Coffee.

Jack Rugg said:

“The main challenge at Gordon Street was to maximise the number of seated covers within the single double height space. Our inclusion of a gallery level within the unit helped us achieve this and became a key architectural intervention as it presented the opportunity to create the new winding perforated steel staircase which takes customers up to the roasting level.”

St Roberts, Glasgow Central Station

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