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The cost of health and safety

Cost of health & safety
Written by Roma Publications

 Cost of health & safety

Back in October 2012 the HSE launched their fees for intervention (FFI) initiative, which meant that companies found to be in material breach of health and safety would be charged for the time it took the HSE to help them put the matter right, including any investigations and enforcement actions.

Figures have just been released by the HSE indicating that the number of invoices being sent out for FFI have almost doubled in the last year and a half, with the average invoice costing approximately £500.

It was hoped that by putting these fees (£124 an hour) in place, it would encourage companies to comply with health and safety law in the first place, or should a breach occur to right it quickly.

Statistics show that the construction and manufacturing industries have been hit hardest by this new initiative, with a total of 2,080 invoices being sent in May 2014.

THSP offer a wide range of services for companies that will help to ensure any activity taking place will be done so in a compliant manner, helping to prevent your business getting stung with a FFI invoice.

Michael Rimmer, Consultant Director at THSP said:

“One way we can help is with our Site Safety Evaluation Service, where one of our qualified and experienced consultants will visit your site to give an independent view of the level of compliance with health and safety law, they will leave a comprehensive report highlighting all issues that need to be looked at and rectified.”

Why not give THSP a call on 08456 122 144 and see how they can help you to not become one of these statistics?

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