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West Park by the Sea

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Housing site West Park, located on Earsdon Road in West Monkseaton, has won Tony Ellwood an NHBC award for such a successful completion.

As Junior Site Manager for company Taylor Wimpey, Tony was expectedly very happy to receive his second accredited award. The first award he was presented with was Pride in the Job Award in 2012.

Speaking to Premier Construction Magazine, Tony Ellwood told us:

“It’s the first time Taylor Wimpey has come into this area and we’ve won an award so it’s a big statement and a great achievement for us as a company.”

The 82 acre site integrates 200 executive detached housing units, worth around £60m in total. With nothing on site previously, the project began from scratch during October 2013 with works currently ongoing. Phase one is due to be finalised in 2017, and the entire development scheduled to be complete in 2019.

Each unit is roughly 2000ft² in size, with smart fitted kitchens and bathrooms to accommodate residents’ every need. Prices of the homely and lavish properties range between £310,995 and £454,995. Designed in a stylish manner, these homes are sure to present families with everything they are looking for at a suitable price.

Main materials used on the site include bricks and mortar, tiles, bathroom materials and sanitary ware and of course all of the fitted kitchens and kitchen ware. Complying with sustainability values Taylor Wimpey has incorporated certain design features such as water pumps and electrical charge points, in order to protect the environment.

Tony said:

“The project will mean a lot to the community, helping the local schools and the economy in the long term. It will help it visually by adding a boost of vibrancy, bring a lot of money back into the community and attract a higher end clientele.”

At present, several of the units are in fact already occupied by residents. The feedback from the client and from those occupying the buildings has been very positive, with a 100% satisfaction rate so far. The site will continue to be developed by Taylor Wimpey and other contractors until it is fully complete and further inhabitants will continue to purchase the properties.

When asked what it means to have received the NHBC award, Tony replied:

“It’s a great personal achievement to have received the award; it’s recognition of success. It meant even more because we won it from scratch, making it an even more significant accomplishment.”

The homes, situated on Earsdon Road, are only minutes away from the spectacular beaches of Whitley Bay. Sites such as this are stunning as they are rare, offering a stylish house, breathtaking views and the bustling community of Whitley Bay with a range of shops to visit. From a more practical perspective, West Park also benefits from amenities such as a Sainsbury’s Supermarket and West Monkseaton Metro Station within walking distance and easy access to the A19.

Opening time for house viewings are Monday, Thursday, Friday 10am-5pm; and Saturday and Sunday 10am-5.30pm.

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