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Suave in Suva

Suva Nightclub, Edinburgh

Suva Nightclub, Edinburgh

Suva Nightclub is a swanky new introduction to the vibrant city of Edinburgh.

In a prime location the club has been situated in the heart of the Edinburgh nightlife, targeted to attract the high end clientele. The exclusive nightclub offers VIP guest list bookings as well as a pay on the door entry fee for other guests.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Owner of Paul Martin Designs, Paul Martin, to find out a little more about the project. Paul said:

“Once the main contractor Airdrie Joiners had already stripped the building back to its original shell, I was brought into the project to bring a sense of direction with the design concepts and how to utilise the space.”

Suva Nightclub, Edinburgh

As a nightclub set in the basement, there are several pillars in place which the contractors had to deal with and this was challenging. Paul Martin’s design team had to create a concept which pulled together the pillars and towers and this resulted in a modern, oriental approach for the fabrication. Clean lines and contemporary touches created a plush interior.

The project began in June this year and once completed was launched to the public in August. Since opening the glamorous venue has received excellent feedback, particularly within the social networking sites where feedback is thriving. Suva has grown in popularity each week since opening with its VIP tables selling out every weekend.

Suva Nightclub, Edinburgh

Exciting design features and elements have been integrated into the space in order to present a lavish atmosphere for guests. Paul Martin Designs utilised around 300m of LED lighting between colour changing and plain white, distributed across different areas of the space. One particular feature that was created was the bespoke skulls on the walls which were made to look 3D by backlighting them with LED tape.

Paul said:

“It was a fairly smooth project and luckily we didn’t face too many difficulties. With our experience on similar developments we knew what we were dealing with and how to go about design and procedure. It was fun to play around with the oriental aspects of the interior and create something luxurious for a high-end market. The main challenge we faced was the number of pillars that we had to create subtle features from by transforming them into something presentable and chic.”

Suva Nightclub, Edinburgh

Paul added:

“It was great to be involved with the project and an opportunity to be involved in a high-end and affluent development. Knowing that we designed a space that people want to visit is great; seeing it all put together is a very fulfilling and satisfying feeling!”

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