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Boyle Construction
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Boyle Construction

Formed in 1984 by Donal and Eugene Boyle, Boyle Construction is a leading building contractor with a reputation for professionalism and excellence.

The company takes a team approach to all its work and works closely with all its clients to ensure that projects are carried out to meet a client’s specific requirements.

Boyle Construction’s head office is situated at Trentagh, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, which is approximately ten minutes from Letterkenny town centre. From here Boyle Construction is able to co-ordinate all works, ensuring that it can tackle whatever job comes its way.

Boyle Construction has completed a range of projects for many leading names including Toyota, Currys, Amcor, Ford and United Healthcare. Past projects have included Pramerica Phases 1 – 3 in Letterkenny; an apartment scheme in Gortlee; a new boat house in Gartan; an outdoor centre in Gartan; Ramada Encore in Letterkenny; and a community centre in Termon. Boyle Construction also worked on a golf club project in Narin & Portnoo and a Ford Garage in Letterkenny.

As a responsible company, Boyle Construction takes health and safety very seriously and has practices in place to ensure that all works are completed as safely and responsibly as possible.

A spokesperson for Boyle Construction, said:

“Our company policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all employees. This is done through the provision of information, training and supervision. The company recognises that work accidents and work related health problems cause suffering to the persons affected and possible financial loss to them and the company.

“We adhere to a stringent health and safety policy. This is reviewed on an annual basis or earlier if deemed appropriate to ensure that it meets all current regulations. It is the policy of Boyle Construction to operate a safety management system which fully meets the requirements of the Safe T Cert Safety Management System.

“It is the policy of Boyle Construction to operate a quality assurance management system which fully meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. We aim to deliver a high quality building using quality materials along with high quality workmanship. The quality assurance policy is explained, understood and adopted by all employees. Specific quality objectives are set at management review meetings and performance is monitored against these by a continuing process of ongoing reviews and audits.”

For more information about Boyle Construction, please visit:, or call +353 (0)74 9137899.


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