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The Palms

Vesta Architecture The Palms, St Ouen’s Bay

Vesta Architecture The Palms, St Ouen’s Bay

An impressive extension project to The Palms property, which boasts stunning views of St Ouen’s Bay, has been successfully completed following an 18 month renovation scheme.

The site originally housed a small two bed cottage which has now been transformed into a spacious four bed house ideally suited to the clients and their two young sons.

The extension has doubled the size of the original property taking full advantage of the surround views. We caught up with Anna Powell, Principal of Vesta Architecture, who worked on the scheme to find out more.

The design process began in 2012 with works on site commencing in March 2013 and completing in August 2014. Larson Building Contractors acted as the main contractors on the project, working alongside Vesta Architecture to achieve the clients brief.

The clients were eager that the renovation project created a light, spacious building as well as a low maintenance property. The recycled composite decking and cladding is an example of the low maintenance aspect of the building; instead of it needing painting every few years it can instead be power hosed. The clients also wanted the property to embrace the views, which is achieved through the use of floor to ceiling triple glazed sliding doors.

Vesta Architecture The Palms, St Ouen’s Bay

The house owners were eager that the house included new technologies and materials, but were keen for the house to be easy to facilitate. A family friendly space was also important as the couple have two sons.

The house now comprises a spacious garage which doubles as a useful storage area. The building is flat roofed so Vesta have created plenty of storage space within the building itself as there is no attic space. The property’s new entrance hall leads into the building and highlights the impressive wrap around staircase which leads to the old part of the house.

Off the entrance hall is a new bedroom which boasts a pitch roof. The roof lights on the above terrace area have been placed to shine down into the internal hallway creating an even brighter downstairs zone.

The original plan was to leave the existing part of the property as it was. However as the works progressed the on site team realised the building needed new electrics fitting and so the space was redecorated, new windows were installed and one of the bedrooms was reconfigured to create an en suite shower room.

The pool area was updated and the existing childs pool was filled in, creating more focus on the main pool.

Vesta Architecture The Palms, St Ouen’s Bay

Anna commented:

“We were appointed by the client to work on The Palms in 2012. The extension of the house was built into the sand dune behind the existing property which caused a few construction challenges. When we came to excavate the sand dune we hit hard blue granite which meant that we had an extra two weeks of excavation works to do, that we hadn’t been ready for.

“On the plus side, we were able to use all the rock we excavated to build some dry stone walls to clad the end of the building.”

The on-site team also encountered issues due to the property being listed locally due to a number of orchids growing on the lawn. The fine for ruining the plants was £100,000 so the team were keen to ensure they were dealt with appropriately. Anna added:

“We worked with Bruce Labey Landscape Architects who designed a scheme to move the orchids so we could build into the sand dune. His system kept the orchids alive and enabled us to replant the flowers on the green roof of the extension. It was an experimental procedure and because it worked so well it will now be rolled out worldwide to protect the species.”

Vesta Architecture The Palms, St Ouen’s Bay

The property contains a number of eco-elements including recycled composite timber cladding and decking, rainwater recycling, triple glazing on the windows and permeable paving in the driveway.

Anna added:

“It was so exciting for Vesta to be involved with this project and the clients have been fantastic. It is one of the bigger projects we have completed and we have worked on it for a while, so to see it completed to such a high level of finish is really fantastic. It is something we are very proud of.”



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