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In focus: Andium Homes

In focus: Andium Homes

In focus: Andium Homes

​​Andium Homes began operations as a wholly States-owned company in July 2014. An independent company governed by a Board of Directors Andium Homes is Jersey’s largest provider of affordable housing. Managing more than 4,500 properties and providing homes for more than 10,000 Islanders.

A number of tasks lie ahead for Andium Homes, namely ensuring all homes previously owned by the States of Jersey are brought up to the Decent Homes Standard in the next 10 years.

The underinvestment in social housing in the past has resulted in the condition of some social homes falling below an acceptable standard and the supply of new homes in recent years has been insufficient to meet the growing demand for affordable housing in the Island.

The housing stock needs to be aligned to meet the current and future demands for affordable housing. This requires the delivery of more new homes and the sale of homes to provide the opportunity to tenant’s whose financial circumstances have improved.

In focus: Andium Homes

Jersey, predominantly, has an ageing population and so the demand for lifelong homes has increased. More lifelong homes are required which, in turn, will free up family homes for those families who need larger properties.

Keen to find out a little more about Andium Homes’ recent projects, we caught up with the company’s Head of Capital Projects, David Morris. David told us about a number of projects which are currently under construction as well as a couple of the recently completed schemes.

David said:

“Andium Homes is an affordable housing provider, overseeing a range of properties in Jersey. We have an ambitious capital programme with lots of projects at various stages of delivery, including our decent homes programme which ensures that all of our homes will meet the decent home standard within ten years.”

Schemes that are currently underway for Andium Homes include De Quetteville Court; the Le Coin project and Lesquende. Meanwhile, recently completed projects include Andium Court and Osborne Court.

In focus: Andium Homes

Andium Court

Andium Court delivered 48 lifelong apartments for residents over the age of 55 and a collection of bungalows for the Parish of St Saviour. Andium Court reached practical completion on the 31st October 2014 and is now accommodating residents.

Andium Homes worked very closely with property developer Dandara on the project, with Axis Mason appointed as the project architect.

Dandara achieved a planning permit to build a number of units on this piece of land. The site was specifically reserved for accommodation for over 55s, but included an element of social rented accommodation which had to be delivered. Andium Homes took on the properties at practical completion.

In focus: Andium Homes

Osborne Court

Osborne Court is due for completion in December 2014. The project – delivered by Larsens – included the refurbishment of 23 one-bedroom flats. Morris Architects provided architectural services, with Colin Smith Partnership on board as the quantity surveyor and Rothwells responsible for the structural engineering works.

The works include new insulated pitched roofs, external insulated over-cladding, double glazing and provision of new lift access together with hard and soft landscaping. Internally, heating systems have been upgraded and electrical consumer units replaced.

Lesquende Ernest Briard Crescent, In focus: Andium Homes


A project which is currently under construction is the Lesquende scheme, which is being delivered in two phases, with an overall completion date scheduled for April 2016. Phase 1 is progressing well towards completion for January 2015 and has been re-named Ernest Briard Crescent in honour of the first Jersey man to lose his life during World War One.

Phase 1 will deliver 35 lifelong apartments to residents who are over 55 years of age. The lifelong design incorporates the potential for ceiling hoists and other equipment including wet rooms and this means that if anything was to happen to the health of a resident they should be able to remain in their home. These ‘one and a half bedroom’ properties are designed to accommodate a carer or a visiting member of the family.

Phase 1 is being constructed by a local contractor Hacquoil & Cook, who have also recently signed the contract with Andium Homes for the delivery of Phase 2.

JPM Ironworks Specialise specialise in the design, manufacture and the fitting of bespoke metalwork. During Phase One of the Lesquende project the team have fabricated and fitted all of the structural balconies, frameless glass balustrades, stair balustrades and outside railings.

This project has given them the opportunity to spread their wings and work alongside many professions. The team are grateful to Haquoil & Cook Ltd for entrusting them to carry out the work.

Phase 2 will include 44 units, which comprises a mix of one and two-bedroom flats, three-bedroom houses and an underground car park.

Jersey Property Holdings is providing architectural services on Phase 1 of Lesquende, whilst Waddington Architects is overseeing Phase 2. Rothwells are the structural engineers on both phases, whilst Colin Smith Partnership is the quantity surveyor on Phase 1 and Woodward Burton is the quantity surveyor on Phase 2.

De Quetteville Court, Lesquende Ernest Briard Crescent, In focus: Andium Homes

De Quetteville Court

De Quetteville Court is a scheme which centres on the refurbishment of a high rise block of flats in St. Helier. De Quetteville Court includes 32, two-bedroom flats and is scheduled to reach completion in July 2015.

Camerons is the main contractor; Morris Architects is the project architect; Rothwells are the structural engineer; and Colin Smith Partnership is the quantity surveyor.

Andium Homes are in the process of refurbishing all of their high rise blocks of flats and this project marks the third of five such schemes.

Whilst on site the construction teams are taking the opportunity to refurbish the internal spaces, replacing outdated bathrooms and kitchens with modern facilities and installing new mechanical and electrical provisions. Meanwhile, the building’s existing lifts are being updated, so that lifts will stop at each floor instead of every other floor. In order to increase the thermal efficiency of the block the building is also being covered with a rainscreen cladding.

In focus: Andium Homes

Brooklyn Court

Situated close to De Quetteville Court is Brooklyn Court – formerly known as Le Coin – a block of flats which is being constructed to include 7 one bedroom flats; 14 two-bedroom flats; and 2 three-bedroom flats. AC Mauger is the main contractor on the project, whilst Axis Mason is the architect, T&G Engineers is the structural engineer and H.M. Menzies Ltd is the quantity surveyor.

Additional projects by Andium Homes have included the completion of the La Collette highrise refurbishment, and work commencing on the third phase of the Le Squez redevelopment. Meanwhile a new project is La Collette lowrise, which has an outline planning application pending and will include the demolition of 59 existing dwellings and the construction of 147 new units.

The La Collette highrise project comprised the refurbishment of 28 one-bedroom flats and 28 two-bedroom flats. The project was carried out by Camerons, with Rothwells overseeing all structural engineering works and Colin Smith Partnership as the quantity surveyor. Morris Architects provided the architectural services and won the “Sustainability Award” for the project at the Jersey Construction Council awards this year.

Le Squez Phase 3 comprises the construction of 4 two-bedroom houses; 1 three-bedroom disabled bungalow; and 16 four-bedroom houses. AC Mauger is the main contractor on the project, with Morris Architects as the architectural practice, Ross Gower Associates as the structural engineer and Tillyards as the quantity surveyor.

David said:

“We are always conscious of the fact that a number of our projects focus on sites which already have existing communities, so we see it as a big responsibility to ensure that these communities are maintained.”

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