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Nationwide transformation for KFC

KFC New Concept, Bracknell, Exeter, Reading

KFC New Concept, Bracknell, Exeter, Reading

Pioneering a new cutting-edge design concept for the iconic KFC brand, which will soon be rolled out across the UK, are three restaurants in Bracknell, Exeter and Reading, which have been transformed.

The new concept represents the future of interior design for KFC, which currently has over 850 stores throughout the UK.

Since the Bracknell restaurant renovation, KFC stores in Exeter and Reading have also received the same transformation and are now open for the public to enjoy. Creating this new look and feel has been months in-the-making and these stores demonstrate where KFC is in its design evolution.

KFC New Concept, Bracknell, Exeter, Reading

Jade Swaby, Creative Design Manager at KFC UK told Premier Hospitality:

“We want to convey the same sense of warmth and authenticity in every store, so the fundamental premise will always be the same. However, the fine details of the design will depend on whether the KFC in question is a drive-thru or a stand-alone store.”

The Bracknell and Exeter renovations were completed at the end of October, and Reading was completed on 13th November. Construction work for all three venues was carried out in-house by KFC and the interior design was created by R & R Design.

KFC New Concept, Bracknell, Exeter, Reading

“The new design in Bracknell was inspired by families and friends coming together around the kitchen table to share freshly made food. We wanted the design to reflect the fact that, unlike many ‘fast food’ restaurants, at KFC cooks prepare and make fresh food, from scratch, every day – so the sense of the kitchen being the heart of the home really influenced the authentic, inviting design,” Jade Swaby added.

The Bracknell restaurant also features KFC’s first ever semi open-plan kitchen, which will allow diners to see their food being hand prepared, while the back-of-house redesign allows speed of service to be much quicker.

KFC New Concept, Bracknell, Exeter, Reading

Other design features include butchers block and timber plank kitchen tables, low-hanging copper light fixtures, and loose furniture. The design emphasis for the tables and seating is much more focused on families and groups sharing food and is key to the overall ambience.

Additional design elements include exposed ceilings and textured walls across the venue’s two floors, as well as photographs and illustrations from commissioned artists reflecting the ingredients used in KFC’s freshly prepared food every day.

The classic ‘KFC red’ is used sparingly as an accent colour, appearing in feature areas such as the odd chair leg, feature lighting, and graphics.

KFC New Concept, Bracknell, Exeter, Reading

Marian Kelly of R & R Design said:

“We have been working with KFC for the last three or four years. Initially they had various concepts running through their estate, depending on site type, and wanted to develop a more unified concept with more emphasis on the quality of their food and ingredients.

“When we started working for them, we developed a concept around the kitchen which had been rolling out over the last couple of years. The new concept has moved the design forward from this first phase, whilst adopting a more radical look at the design. The intention of the new design approach was to bring KFC more in line with the positioning, overall ambience and style that they wanted to achieve – in conjunction with their own strategic plans for the product range.

KFC New Concept

“Working with good clients like KFC who are really engaged, supportive and committed to carrying out big changes, as well as being open and responsive to ideas, is always rewarding for a designer. And any project where you can see that you can achieve a real positive change which is going to enhance a client’s business is also gratifying.”

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