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The future of aviation

Future of aviation
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 Future of aviation

A plan designed to improve the passenger experience for first class air travel is currently being developed by architect and designer Matthew Jensen.

Matthew is looking to take first class travel to a whole new level by creating a travel environment which combines innovation with comfort.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality, Matthew said:

“The airline industry is very much a competitive environment, so this project is about finding the best way to provide an exclusive and innovative service for first class passengers, essentially recognised before and after boarding.

“The project is about challenging the conventions of what we currently know of aviation interiors and cabin environments. I want to enhance the passenger experience, from airport drop off to boarding the plane, by setting new standards for how brands are recognised on board, on a multi-sensory level.”

The unique selling point of the plan is the interactivity of the seating environment which provides passengers with everything that they require, all in one place. It is what Matthew effectively refers to as a “penthouse in the sky.”

Matthew Jensen explained:

“My conceptual response to the future of cabin environments amplifies containment and versatility as the primary objectives. The rationale comprises a cellular arrangement of enclosed slumber areas, connecting a user with intuitive fixtures and immersive elements within the cabin fabric.”

Highlights of the design include an intelligent daylight compensator, located within an over-head control module, remote control air ventilation, as well as a private HD TV screens and the latest in-flight entertainment technology.

Matthew said:

“We’re at an interesting time for the passenger experience and I feel we are at a turning point for the next stage of technology. I’m passionate about revolutionising the definition of flying. We should be experiencing the on-board realm as an integral benchmark to our future travel expectations.

“I define the aircraft as an individual entity of architecture in itself, especially with the commercial profitability and operational efficiencies in wider-body airframes, defining the virtue of innovative, immersive and exclusive travel environments at 38000ft.”

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