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The British Parking Association

The British Parking Association

The British Parking Association

The British Parking Association is the largest professional parking association in Europe and is a recognised authority on parking.

The organisation represent, promote and influence the best interests of the parking and traffic management professions throughout the UK and Europe.

The association has 720 members including manufacturers, car park operators, local authorities, health authorities, airports, railways, shopping centres, bailiffs and consultants. The BPA also manage the Approved Operator Scheme for parking on private land and the Safer Parking Scheme.

The association has established a five year plan running from 2012 to 2017 which outlines their aims and hopes for the future. The plan details how the BPA aim to increase public confidence in parking and parking management by both setting and raising standards across the sector.

BPA have launched a public information campaign to inform motorists of parking law and best practice in a bid to improve parking behaviour.

The BPA place emphasis on their work with their members and continue to expand the role of the Association as the professional body representing the parking sector through a variety of means. These include involving consumer and motorists’ interests directly in the delivery of BPA services, as well as working in partnership with key stakeholders and achieving joint press and media campaigns.

The BPA aim to be viewed as the first point of call for parking sector media enquiries and, alongside that, we set their media agenda through proactive campaigning. They cherish relationships with key service providers such as the DVLA, Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC), other Adjudication services and the European Parking Association in order to develop relations with other European Associations.

BPA are also keen to promote innovation, technology and sustainability in all aspects of the industry. They believe new technology and innovation is driving huge advances in the sector and the way parking services are managed and delivered and so encourage invention and public acceptance of innovation in parking technology.

The association also regularly identifies opportunities to work with government and like-minded stakeholders to deliver sustainability in parking linked to social responsibility.

With strong links within the Government BPA continue to ensure that parking and parking management is at the forefront of Government thinking. Their aim is to establish an all party committee on parking and traffic management in all UK parliaments, alongside other key stakeholders.

The organisation holds regular summits with Ministers from all parliaments and continues to publish Master Plans, setting out key lobbying objectives, in order to proactively inform the Government and its agencies of trends in the sector.

BPA will continue to work with local authorities at all levels to inform and influence on parking policy.

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