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Wates Construction
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Wates Construction

Wates Group is a family-owned, award-winning company delivering a range of schemes from housing and retail projects to commercial developments and property maintenance.

The company is one of the largest in the UK and is divided into a number of businesses, including Wates Construction, Wates Living Space, Wates Retail, Wates International, Wates Development and Wates Education.

A spokesperson for Wates, said:

“We are focused on becoming the first UK contractor to deliver for customers on time, on budget, every time. Wates Group is a family-owned construction services company, whose values, long term vision and financial independence have enabled us to thrive throughout the economic ups and downs of more than a century. Our distinctive culture celebrates people, partnership and sustainability. We are always exploring new ways for the construction industry to work together on strategic issues such as reducing waste and boosting skills. Uncompromising focus on customers and total commitment to safe delivery are the hallmarks of our business.”

A new project for Wates is the MTC Aerospace scheme, a new build construction project for MTC Limited. The building – constructed in Coventry – will provide a national facility for ground breaking aerospace research.

Ground breaking began on the £30 million, state-of-the-art research centre in January 2015. Wates is the main contractor on the project, working alongside architects Fairhursts Design Group and Project Managers Gleeds.

Past projects for Wates have included Garston Manor School, HMP The Verne, The Royal Hospital in Chelsea and Whitmore Park Primary School in Coventry. Wates was also involved with the Hugh Baird College project in Bootle, the Discovery Academy in Stoke-on-Trent and Quest Academy in Croydon.

With all of Wates’ projects, sustainability is a key focus, with the company striving to help their clients create a building which leaves a positive legacy. In order to do this, Wates utilise energy efficient processes, source products and services in a responsible and ethical way and are mindful of all waste.

A spokesperson said:

“Corporate responsibility and sustainability are embedded in everything that we do and our efforts are co-ordinated by our Corporate Responsibility Committee, led by our Chief Executive, Andrew Davies. Our code of conduct sets out the Wates Way, so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. It’s based on our values of performance, respect for people and communities, intelligence, teamwork and integrity.”

Wates’ operations are also underpinned by five core values, integrity, intelligence, performance, teamwork and respect for people and communities. By instilling these values in all of Wates’ staff and operations, the company is able to deliver the best possible service to all its clients.

A spokesperson said:

“We all want Wates to be the very best. Being the best means upholding the great reputation Wates has built over the years. Our five values have been with us throughout our development as an organisation and make a difference to the way we think, act and do business with our customers and suppliers. The Wates Way is underpinned by the family values that the Wates family brings to the business.”

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