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ROK Construction
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ROK Construction

Based in Jersey, ROK Construction is a privately owned construction company undertaking a variety of construction projects across the island.

ROK Construction is capable of delivering projects of varying sizes, complexities and costs, from residential schemes and interior works to commercial and public sector projects.

ROK Construction was formed in 2007 by Graham Seaford with Robert Matthews joining in 2011, and over the past eight years the company has gone from strength-to-strength, delivering projects for the likes of States of Jersey, General Hospital, HMP, Jersey Gas, the Co-Operative Society and many more. Recently completed projects have included the Crabbe Activity Base scheme and the aMaizin Adventure Park project.

Work began on the Crabbe Activity Base project in March 2014 and comprised the construction of a timber frame building with truss roof and timber cladding. Internal works included the installation of high impact partition walls, as well as a full M&E fit-out.

The project was implemented in order to provide the island’s youth service with newly fitted bunkrooms, staff accommodation, kitchen & dining facilities, a classroom and shower facilities and was successfully delivered in November 2014.

ROK Construction

The aMaizin Adventure Park project, meanwhile, reached completion in March 2015 and comprised the construction of a new play barn for the park. The project included the installation of a fully-fitted retail area, two party rooms, a catering kitchenette, a fully functioning office and wash rooms. In addition, ROK Construction installed electrics and heating capable of servicing the 200+ customers who use the facility at any one time.

Despite adverse weather conditions and a short turnaround time, ROK Construction handed over both the above project to a very pleased client.

Greg Morrison, Construction Director of ROK Construction, commented:

“On the aMaizin Adventure Park Project the early engagement of ROK Construction in the design process and the project management used were the key factors in ensuring the project objectives were delivered.”

At present ROK Construction is involved with the construction of a new police headquarters building on Green Street, St Helier. The project – being implemented by the States of Jersey Police – comprises the construction of a 75,000 sq ft, five-storey building and the extension of an existing car park.

ROK Construction

Greg said:

“The building is being constructed using a piled solution, with a concrete and steel frame, curtain walling and specialist glazing techniques, which will all be manufactured and installed to meet the stringent requirements of the authorities.”

Work commenced on the project in October 2014 and is currently scheduled to reach completion in December 2016.

Throughout all of ROK Construction’s work, the company strives to deliver all schemes to the highest standards, ensuring client satisfaction each and every time. This commitment to work has helped ROK Construction achieve repeat business as well as a name for excellence within the industry.

ROK Construction

Greg said:

“At ROK Construction we believe in building relationships with our clients, consultants, employees, supply chain partners and those who come into contact with our operations and work activities. We believe that this approach ensures that everybody involved with a project recognises the set targets and understands our path on reaching them.

“To help achieve our goals we have a set of home values – trust, respect and honesty – which we adhere to at all times. These home values, along with our four basic core values of safety, quality, delivery and value, underpin the way in which we carry out our business.”

ROK Construction

For more information about ROK Construction, please visit: www.roklimited.je.


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