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Galvanizers Association

Established in 1949, the Galvanizers Association (GA) provides authoritative information and advice on hot dip galvanising for users and potential users within the construction industry.

GA represents the industry in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland and the association’s advice is regularly used to educate and inform members.

Since its inception, members of GA have enjoyed a long and fruitful connection with the association, with different types of membership available to suit different companies. Membership types range from Galvanizer (UK and Ireland) and Galvanizer (International), to Suppliers of Materials & Equipment and Zinc Producers/Suppliers.

Benefits of joining the association include access to training courses, the advantage of free technical support, the provision of health and safety resources and information specifically for zinc. In addition GA members receive Hot Dip Galvanizing magazine, a certificate of membership and they are presented with numerous networking opportunities.

Each year the GA operates the Galvanizers Association Galvanizing Awards (GAGAs), a free, annual competition which has been designed to recognise those in the industry. From architects to artists, the awards celebrate the best that the galvanizing industry has to offer.

A spokesperson for the Galvanizers Association said:

“Galvanizers Association (GA) has provided authoritative information and advice on hot dip galvanizing to users and potential users since it was first established in 1949. Hot dip galvanizing makes a vital contribution to our built environment. We provide free information and advice on design, specification and performance of hot dip galvanizing.

“Whether you need an instant response or advice about long-term issues, we can provide cost-effective answers whenever they are needed.

“Our highly qualified staff are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any enquiries you might have regarding coating performance, specification and design detailing. We deal with over 2,000 enquiries annually on our free technical helpline.

“For work processes by our UK and Irish members we can also offer free on-site inspections checking for compliance against the relevant standards.

“GA were founder members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and we have continued to provide presentations and information for new generations within the industry. We are recognised by the RIAI with our Structured CPDs. Our presentations are now also available interactively online.”

As well as providing an informative service, the association is also a forward-thinking organisation with a sustainable future being one of its key drivers.

A spokesperson said:

“Galvanizers Association has been a major contributor to the European Initiative for Galvanizing in Sustainable Construction. Many independent experts have contributed to this initiative including advocates of green and natural building. The aims of the initiative are to help architects, specifiers, engineers, developers and their clients consider how to use galvanized steel in the context of sustainable construction.”

For more information about the Galvanizers Association, or for details on how to become a member, please visit:

Joseph Ash Galvanizing

Founded in Birmingham in 1857, Joseph Ash Galvanizing is a UK leader in steel finishing services, specialising in galvanizing, shot blasting and powder coating steel. Over the years, Joseph Ash Galvanizing has worked with thousands of clients, on thousands of projects, including The Shard in London, The Cube in Birmingham and the conversion of Hampden Park Football Stadium into an athletics stadium for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Technical expertise and customer care are the guiding principles which have steered Joseph Ash in the right direction for more than 150 years. These principles remain at the core of everything that the company is involved with and is evident through the additional services which the company provides, including collection & delivery, technical support, on-site storage, bundling, packing and export containerisation and more.

Joseph Ash Galvanizing was one of the founding members of the Galvanizers Association and remains a very active member to this day. The company serves on every single committee to help mould and strengthen the Association’s service to specifiers and end users of galvanized steel.

Discussing the Galvanizers Association, Mick Jackson of Joseph Ash Galvanizing, said:

“The Galvanizers Association is an excellent information resource in the UK for all galvanizers, fabricators, construction companies and suppliers to the galvanizing industry. Its mission is to inform interested parties about all matters relating to hot dip galvanizing and to promote the use and benefits of hot dip galvanizing, whether it’s to educate about the origins of galvanizing or to talk about the galvanizing industry today. It is a very important association for the galvanizing industry and the construction industry in general.”

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