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Unique dining at The Fat Greek Taverna

Fat Greek Taverna, Worthing
Written by Roma Publications

Fat Greek Taverna, Worthing

Serving up a true taste of Cyprus, The Fat Greek Taverna is a fantastic Greek restaurant from leading hospitality specialists, the Proto Restaurant Group.

Situated on Portland Road, The Fat Greek Taverna opened its doors for the first time in November 2014 and thanks to its perfect combination of delicious cuisine and stylish, yet comfortable surroundings, continues to increase in popularity.

One of the biggest highlights of the restaurant is its open-plan kitchen, which allows guests to experience first-hand the delights of Cypriot cooking. The Fat Greek Taverna utilises wood ovens to create a truly delicious menu which is not only packed full of mouth-watering smoky flavour but is also traditional in its approach.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality about the restaurant, the owner of The Fat Greek Taverna, Andy Sparsis, said:

“The Fat Greek Taverna is a very unique restaurant. Of course there are other Greek restaurants out there but this one is very different because we’ve gone back to basics. The restaurant has a traditional Cypriot design, incorporating charcoal grills, rotisseries and real wood ovens, along with a menu which includes street food and regional-style dishes.

Fat Greek Taverna, Worthing

“So far the feedback has been really good, with many people commenting that it doesn’t feel like an ordinary Greek restaurant, which has been great for us. We wanted to break down the boundaries of Greek cuisine by creating a collection of modern Greek dishes, whilst utilising traditional methods of cooking. We have a number of dishes on our menu which are unique to us.”

The Fat Greek Taverna serves up a tantalising and tempting selection of tasty treats, from the wood roasted ¼ lamb shoulder and the Fat meat balls, to the halloumi hen, which comprises a collection of boneless chicken pieces marinated and coated in halloumi and mint crumbs. The halloumi hen is plated with Fat Beans™ and a choice of fries or Fat Superwheats™ with yoghurt. Meanwhile, The Fat Greek Taverna’s charcoal kitchen menu offers a choice of meats and vegetables cooked over hot coals, whilst a selection of taster plates is also available, along with wood-fired village breads and a selection of desserts.

Andy said:

“We have other restaurants in our collection, but it was important for us at the Proto Restaurant Group to produce a restaurant like The Fat Greek Taverna which pushes the boundaries of catering and cuisine. The open kitchen creates a more modern environment – in keeping with a New York or London style restaurant – and it allows us to provide a different dining experience.”

Fat Greek Taverna, Worthing

The Fat Greek Taverna is open seven days a week, from 11:30 am until late.

For further information about The Fat Greek Taverna, or to make a reservation, please visit: or call 01903 202012.

Commercial Extraction Services

Commercial Extraction Services specialise in the manufacture, service and maintenance of stainless steel extraction canopies, stainless steel tabling, fishwires, counter tops and any bespoke stainless steel work. The firm has been in operation for six months and the directors have extensive experience in the hospitality sector.

Since their inception the firm have delivered extraction services for all of the Fat Greek Taverna restaurants. We caught up with one of the firm’s directors John Coleman to find out more, John commented:

“On the most recent Fat Greek Taverna we installed the extraction system complete with a highly polished bronze extraction canopy which is very unique. The owner was extremely impressed and it means a lot to us to be involved.

“We pride ourselves on our great reputation which has been spread by word of mouth. The Fat Greek Taverna owner would recommend us to anyone as he is very happy with everything we do.”

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