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Wales has welcomed the world’s first wave garden and surf centre with the recently opened Surf Snowdonia.

Situated In Dolarrog, Conwy, Surf Snowdonia is the first of its kind, offering brand new technology unlike any other surfing technology. Conwy Adventure Leisure Limited is the first to market commercially in partnership with a Spanish company who developed the product.

The surf centre has opened on a site which previously held an aluminium factory. Steve Davies, Managing Director of Conwy Adventure Limited told us:

“A company within our group already owned the Aluminium factory at Dolgarrog, which closed in 2007. We decided that Dolgarrog was as good a site as any – not least because we already owned a lot of land there and so were able to build a very large surfing lagoon.

“Over the last two years, we’ve been developing the concept. The Welsh government came on board to support us and all parties recognised that this was a really technical challenge not just from an engineering point of view – because of the brand new technology – but also due to the environmental concerns during the construction period.”

The aluminium factory had left behind a century of debris and contamination on the ground and so works had to be done conscious of the fact that if it wasn’t done properly it could spread the contamination.

Steve added:

“We have been in very close cooperation with Conwy County Borough Council and Natural Resources Wales and construction began six months ago. The decontamination went ahead as planned much to the delight of our partners.”

Surf Snowdonia features an artificial lagoon measuring 300 x 113 metres as well as a number of other surf related facilities including surf wear stores and coffee shops. The central feature is the artificial lagoon, down the middle of which is a purpose built central channel; either end of which is a machine where proportion equipment is mounted. Between them is a large device which moves along the bottom of the lake creating a six foot surfing wave down the centre, a four foot wave down the sides for intermediate surfers and a 3 foot wave for beginners. The lake holds 31000 cubic metres of water which will be recycled every 24hrs by filtration and UV sterilisation.

Pumping Solutions (UK) Ltd specialise in providing a first class service to its clients when it comes to their pumping requirements – for both the domestic and commercial market and for either clean or dirty water. The company’s quality products are suitable for all purposes and vary from large industrial water pumps to typical domestic pressure boosting systems.

Pumping Solutions (UK) Ltd were delighted to have worked on this unique project from conception to completion. The company was involved every step of the way from the bespoke design, to the laying of the pipework, the installation of the pumping equipment and controls, to the successful commissioning.

David Thorley from Pumping Solutions, said:

“Surf Snowdonia is a world first in offering a surf lagoon and wave garden. So, for our company to have been involved is a privilege and rare opportunity that many organisations either do not get the chance to be part of or they do not wish to take the risk. An important factor we needed to consider with this project is that it was to be environmental friendly. So, we used the latest technology to ensure that the water used was recycled via filtration and sterilisation. This newest assignment shows that our professional team accept a challenge, are dedicated to delivering what is required, on time and on budget.

“We would like to wish Surf Snowdonia every success for the future. Should any other businesses have any pumping requirements we would be delighted to have a discussion with them.  Just call us on 01775 711960 or visit”

In addition to the lake, the surfing destination is home to an activity lagoon which takes inspiration from BBC television show Total Wipe-Out. The brand is also introducing a new technique to the UK called Blobbing. Blobbing involves a large inflatable from which you are propelled into the water.

Surf Snowdonia is a destination for fun as well as a great space for a weekend away with the family. The development features 36 four bed units as well as premises for camping in caravans or tents.

Steve Davies concluded:

“We’re delighted with the outcome and the way which we have raised to the challenge. There’s nothing more exciting than being at the beginning of a project and seeing it grow in a comparatively short time frame. The double excitement comes from knowing we’re the world’s first commercial wave garden operator.

“As a consequence of this we’re not alone on the journey and the International Surf Association in California is hoping that the site will allow surfing to become an Olympic sport. The waves on the natural sea aren’t consistent enough for a competition, but now, at Surf Snowdonia we can offer a consistent wave height. The objective is to get a decision by 2020.”

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