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Cellhire revolutionises construction communication

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Cellhire, the UK-based leader in international mobile telecoms solutions, has announced a 4G MiFi – a mobile, wireless router – that will revolutionise how construction site offices operate in the absence of phone lines.

“Many building sites have an office centre but no phone lines. Our 4G MiFi offering enables multiple smartphones, printers, tablets, laptops etc to be used just as they are in a traditional office,” said James Hepton, Head of Online & Marketing, Cellhire plc [].

“On-site offices can have high speed phone line quality data communications and web access when they use a SIM with the MiFi.”

Where there is a poor or no 4G signal, the MiFi reverts to 3G. Further flexibility is provided by Cellhire’s SIMs, which come in 5GB and 8G sizes and can be hired for any number of 30 day slots.

The MiFi bills the user the monthly fee until it’s no longer needed and is returned. Cellhire’s SIMs are among the keenest-priced – and, in parts of Europe and internationally, the lowest priced – giving users a wide range of SIM options to choose from to suit their budget and destination.

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