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Shoe Heaven at Harrods

Manolo Blahnik, Harrods, 2015. Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture & Design
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Manolo Blahnik, Harrods, 2015. Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture & Design

Harrods has recently revealed an exclusive ‘Shoe Heaven’, the ultimate location for all types of shoes. Comprising 17 mini boutiques and 100,000 pairs of shoes, the world’s largest luxury shoe destination is certainly every shopper’s dream.

Boasting a separate little heaven, Manolo Blahnik has opened its largest boutique in Europe within the store.

The boutiques at Shoe Heaven include many famous names such as Chanel, Dior, Christian Louboutin and Prada, keeping in with the divine collection of luxury shoes on display, and ensuring that there is a pair for every keen shopaholic.

The plush department store was complete at the end of 2014, before being opened up to eager shoppers wanting to delve into the exciting new addition to Harrods. The main entrance features a stylish upper staircase, which leads onto a chic space with a boutique, penthouse feel, offering a stunning selection of Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Manolo Blahnik, Harrods, 2015. Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture & Design

Nick Leith-Smith Architects have a long-standing relationship with Manolo Blahnik, and collaborated once again for this project, to create the perfect shop design brief with inspirations from both parties.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Nick Leith-Smith, Director of Nick Leith-Smith Architects, to find out some further information. Nick said:

“Harrods moved the shoe department up to the fifth floor to create a floor designated to ‘Shoe Heaven’ and Manolo Blahnik took a space which was slightly separated from Shoe Heaven – in a tower in the West of the department store.

“One of the great things is that the tower has windows on two sides so it feels like a grand living room. That was the starting point to the design; one of Manolo’s concepts was that it should represent a living room – offering a generous and relaxing space, and I believe we have achieved that.”

Manolo Blahnik, Harrods, 2015. Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture & Design

Featuring a playful geometric design concept, the Manolo Blahnik space is set on its own mezzanine level with large rounded windows, allowing lots of natural light to brighten the area. Linear striped wallpaper defines the walls, offering a tasteful and classy feel, which is brought to life with the vibrant colours of the various shoes and furniture.

Nick commented:

“Manolo is very involved in the shop design and the brief was built through discussions between ourselves. Manolo is a very visual person and that has shone through his eclectic ideas on furniture and other design aspects.

“The feedback has been excellent – the shoe department has been very well received! People seem to love spending time there.”

Finally, Nick said:

“It’s a fantastic project to be involved with – Monolo Blahnik is an incredible creative force and to work with him is a wonderful opportunity. It is a great collaboration and was a very enjoyable process.”

Manolo Blahnik, Harrods, 2015. Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture & Design

Nick Leith-Smith

Nick Leith-Smith Architects – previously named Data Nature Associates – was founded in 2000. The studio’s extensive portfolio includes luxury retail design and high-end residential work, working alongside internationally recognised brands, property developers and private clients.

Regardless of the scale, each and every project is treated with the same quality service, producing a highly crafted end result with strong elements of personalisation, material innovation and bold modern style.

Nick Leith-Smith has strong connections to the world of fashion and design, and these bold, expressionist qualities are partnered with a great understanding of historic and contemporary design, new technology and the extensive use of modern craftsmanship, supreme materials and strong forms.

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