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Checkland Kindleysides

Checkland Kindleysides- Hunter Regent Street - Store Windows
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Checkland Kindleysides- Hunter Regent Street - Store Windows

Founded in 1979, Checkland Kindleysides is one of the largest design consultancies within the UK.

Checkland Kindleysides’ offer spans a broad range of design disciplines, including graphic communication, identity, retail, interior and digital design and the practice works with both national and international brands.

Clients include ASDA, Beats by Dr Dre, Barclays, Bentley Motors, Nike, Levi’s, The British Library, Virgin Atlantic and Wrangler, amongst others. Meanwhile, recent projects have included a flagship store for Hunter’s; the UK’s first Lindex store; and Nixon’s first European stores.

Checkland Kindleysides designed Hunter’s first global flagship store in collaboration with Hunter’s Creative Director Alasdhair Willis. The store – which is located on Regent Street – forms the foundation of future retail and shop-in-shop opportunities worldwide.

Checkland Kindleysides- 004 Hunter Regent Street - Gabion Stone Wall displaying Iconic Hunter Welliington

The store spans three floors, with a contemporary barn structure carried through from the Regent Street windows to the inside of the store, creating a transition space between the city environment and the outdoors. The first floor, meanwhile, has been designed to bring some of the brand’s British eccentricity to the forefront via a surreal take on an enclosed English garden.

Other significant features include a 5m high LED screen, which runs between the ground and first floor, and a contemporary concrete cash desk.

CK Creative Director, Joe Evans, said:

“The store is a journey designed to capture the senses and a spirit of adventure, it’s a playful and very much a Hunter take on the outdoors. It’s surreal, graphic and at times dreamlike. It’s a fantasy take on reality executed in a uniquely Hunter way.”

Checkland Kindleysides- 5 NIXON - Paris - View to watch wall and central display

Creative Director, Alasdhair Willis, said:

“The Regent Street flagship is the first opportunity for the Hunter customer to enter the home of this iconic British brand. This ambitious new store concept delivers a retail experience that represents the brand’s exciting new vision and future.”

Located in Westfield, Stratford is a brand new store for Swedish fashion brand Lindex – the brand’s first UK store. The 10,500 sq ft store’s design combines the brand’s Scandinavian roots with international influences to offer customers a world-class fashion experience in a space which is effortless to shop.

Each element of furniture designed for the store, reflects the Scandinavian values and roots of the brand, bringing together materials that work well together and complement the overall concept. Meanwhile, the front of the store boasts a double height façade, which provides a light and expansive view into the store.

Checkland Kindleysides- NIXON - Watch plinths and watch wall

The large entrance opens up to a sweeping oak stairway which takes customers up to the first floor, with backlit fretwork creating a textured backdrop for the framed graphics which line the stairs. The first floor showcases a range of kidswear, whilst the ground floor present’s the brand’s collection of womenswear.

Premium materials have been used throughout the store, including copper, brushed steel, various timbers, glass and polished plaster. Red accents and details are also included to reflect the Lindex trademark and logo.

Checkland Kindleysides- NIXON - Customisation Booth and customiser

Lindex CEO, Ingvar Larsson, said:

“The new store, with our new store concept, looks absolutely stunning and is truly a world-class fashion experience. I’m so glad that we now get to meet new customers who want to invest in our affordable and inspiring fashion.”

And finally, Checkland Kindleysides has created a new retail concept for watch and accessories brand Nixon, creating their first European stores on Rue Froissart in the fashionable Marais district of Paris, followed by a store on Newburgh Street, London. Both stores include an artful centrepiece watch display, with watches placed rhythmically on undulating plinths, partly immersed below the surface of an under-lit aqua blue tank.

Checkland Kindleysides- Lindex Westfield Stratford - Cosmetics Display

Adjacent to the centrepiece is a large watch wall, displaying 100 watches on a tinted glass matrix, set against a watch tile backdrop. Meanwhile at the back of the store is the customisation area, which serves up a temporary workshop aesthetic, with a customisation bar that provides customers with the opportunity to choose the elements that go into their own bespoke watch.

Nixon Creative Director, Tom Jones, said:

“In an often overly cluttered retail landscape, the new Nixon retail locations are simple, bold and curated; allowing for a more immersive and inspiring retail experience. This new visual language, paired with industry firsts – such as the sneaker style watch wall and above glass merchandising – clearly express the brand’s confidence and point of view. We think these new ides will create a more inclusive customer experience, creating deeper connections with our product.”

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