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Pic Alan Richardson Dundee, Sofaworks Dundee
Written by Roma Publications

Pic Alan Richardson Dundee, Sofaworks Dundee

Supplying furniture in hundreds of various styles, Sofaworks is a reputable brand with an impressive 33 stores all over Great Britain.

From compact two-seater sofas, to large corner sofas in a vast array of fabrics and leathers, Sofaworks really does have something on offer for every customer.

A new store opened in Dundee in May this year, adding to the high number of existing sites. The brand opened an additional 2 stores this summer in Cannock and Enfield both with a wide selection of the high quality sofas on display for locals and visitors alike.

In order to find out some further information, Premier Retail caught up with David Hodgson, Head of Property for Sofaworks. David said:

“We have quite an aggressive expansion programme; we are in fact looking to open at least six new stores a year. We have been discussing other options and useful opportunities throughout Great Britain in order to expand the business.”

Pic Alan Richardson Dundee, Sofaworks Dundee

David’s involvement with the business includes dealing with the legal factors such as exchanging contracts, and handling professional items including planning applications and signage contracts and also supports with the fit out of individual stores.

David commented:

“The types of properties we acquire are generally on retail parks, or in good standalone locations near good furniture homeware offers in towns, and those generally owned by big companies or institutions. The opportunity to buy is very rare. We have a got a hearty wish list of locations throughout the UK.

“We have a general idea of where we want to be in terms of setting, and we don’t really compromise on location, it has to be right for us. They have to be very prominent, ideally with a link to highly visible elevation, and as a company we are big on display glazing and signage – they have to be very eye-catching.”

Pic Alan Richardson Dundee, Sofaworks Dundee

The layout is essential for the store design, as presenting the furniture in the best light possible is a prime principle. Designer room sets are in place within the stores to inspire customers, delivering co-ordinated colour schemes and expertly placed presentations.

Offering a wide range of stylish furniture in all types of designs, Sofaworks has the customer in mind when supplying and displaying their products. Sofa beds are available for customers thinking of friends or relatives staying over, as well as recliner sofas for a relaxing purchase. Express sofas are also available for those looking for a quick transaction, with delivery being possible within 72 hours.

With each individual project, the team at Sofaworks work very closely with the Landlord and their professional team which can include designers and architects, as generally they deal with lease hold property. In terms of the fit out, Sofaworks design internally with their in-house team of project managers and designers, alongside a CEO who takes a hands-on approach.

Pic Alan Richardson Dundee, Sofaworks Dundee

David said:

“With the Dundee site – it was a long process. We dealt with what was an existing unit on site – bigger than what is there now – which is occupied by another retailer. The existing building was demolished and so that slowed the process. It was particularly difficult in Scotland to obtain building regulation; the approval system is a bit more stringent.”

Opening of Sofaworks Enfield, on 22 August 2015

David commented:

“It is very exciting; some of these projects take nearly three years from scratch, and it is very exciting and satisfying to see the end product when we finally open. It feels great. It all started as a plan on a piece of paper and now we have another great store open, which is fantastic.”

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