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The Guild of Builders and Contractors’ Trusted Membership is open to builders, specialist contractors and construction consultants who can satisfy the higher standards required.

These standards include more vigorous financial and credit checks, a comprehensive level of insurance cover and additional customer references. These standards have to be maintained each year. Due diligence checks are carried out every year and membership is only continued if the member maintains the required standard.

Prospective clients wishing to appoint a firm to carry out building work will feel more confident of a member who has demonstrated that he satisfied the Guild of Builders and Contractors that he is trading with integrity, is adequately insured, is financially stable and his past customers have been sufficiently satisfied to give him a good reference.

In order to become a “Trusted Member” of the Guild of Builders and Contractors applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are experienced and knowledgeable and take pride in their workmanship and achievements. They must fulfil a number of conditions on application and then annually.

They must be able to demonstrate successful trading over a minimum period of three years by providing: three customer referees, a reference from their accountants and insurance brokers, three years audited trading accounts and appropriate insurance cover details. They must also agree to provide similar information annually.

All work carried out by a Trusted Member must comply with Relevant Standards. This involves the Trusted Member being confident of his ability to do the work before contracting to carry out the work. The Trusted Members, their employees and sub-contractors must act in a courteous manner and respect the privacy and property of the Client.

Trusted Members must be clear about the nature and extent of the services that will be provided for their Clients. This should involve providing the Client with a written Contract. Trusted Members must provide their Clients with clear information on the cost involved in carrying out the work or providing a service and whether this represents an estimate or firm quotation. Trusted Members must agree the price for the project, materials or service and how they wish to be paid, e.g. on completion or in stages. This should involve providing the Client with details of the deposit required and the payment stages or valuation periods. Full payment should not normally be requested in advance. However, a deposit is appropriate to cover the purchase of materials as are stage payments if the work is likely to take over four weeks. Stage payments every two weeks would not be considered unreasonable.

Trusted Members must advise Clients on when work will start, the particular implications of any stages of work and when work will be finished. They must also provide Clients with appropriate information for each job prior to starting any work. Clients must also be kept fully aware of any alterations to timetables and explanations for changes should always be given.

The annual subscription for Trusted Membership is £300.00 including VAT and there is a joining fee of £50.00 including VAT.

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