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67 Pall Mall

67 Pall Mall
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67 Pall Mall

Founded by wine lovers who wanted a location to drink good wine and socialise, 67 Pall Mall is a private members’ club for those who love fine wines.

Supplying wines from all over the globe, the extensive list comprises an impressive 5,000 different references, ensuring there is a wine to suit everyone’s taste.

ISG acted as the main contractor on the project which began five years ago, alongside Simone McEwan Design & Consultancy, with an aim to create something sophisticated and convivial for private members and their guests. 67 Pall Mall will be finalised and opened for members in December 2015.

The private members club is laid out over three and a half floors, with a full kitchen that will also be in operation, offering a variety of delicious dishes on the menu. The cuisine is modern European, with a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, promising an exquisite drinking and dining experience.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Grant Ashton, Founder and Chief Executive of 67 Pall Mall, to discover more information on the project. Grant commented:

“The building is an old banking hall, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and built in 1931 at the bottom of Pall Mall, next to St James’ Palace. 67 Pall Mall will open from 8am for breakfast, until 11.30pm, serving food and fine wines to private members and their guests. All major wineries will be represented amongst our list of 5,000 wines.

67 Pall Mall

“It’s a culmination of five years work to open a home for wine lovers – founded by wine lovers and made for wine lovers.”

Sir Edwin Lutyens’ magnificent, historic building is still in the process of being transformed into a luxurious clubhouse and here, members will enjoy access to some of the world’s finest and rarest wines directly from the club’s extensive cellars.

The club is unique in so many ways. From the valet bicycle parking to the hairdryers in the downstairs loos, 67 Pall Mall promises contemporary luxury and comfort for busy and active people – with the bonus of drinking gorgeous wine from all over the world.

Designer Simone McEwan wanted to ensure that the venue emanates a sense of sophistication, with 67 Pall Mall boasting a glorious main room with a double-height ceiling, oak panelling and reclaimed parquet lit by the large west-facing windows.

Simone McEwan told Premier Hospitality:

“My inspiration and concept was to present a modern interpretation of the St James Private Members Club scene that is comfortable and inviting set within a luxurious environment. We did that using touches of brass, cane, antique Persian rugs, deep luxurious colour palettes and enveloping furniture, in addition to a little art deco and a nod to the infamous architect of the building, Edwin Lutyens.

“The original building provides a strong architectural backdrop to the scene, and beautifully decorative oak limed panelling and oak parquet flooring line the interior with a sense of history and beauty. Soft, tactile and comfortable furniture is layered over this framework, providing a combination of domestic comfort with luxury and glamour.”

67 Pall Mall

Members are able to store up to 36 bottles of their own wine and drink them for a corkage charge of £20. They will of course also be able to drink wines from the extensive 67 Pall Mall list. This is presided over by super-sommelier Ronan Sayburn, a Yorkshireman who was at Gordon Ramsay during the Ramsay heyday, then spent 18 months deep-sea diving, looking for treasure on shipwrecks in Indonesia before returning to London to resume his wine career.

Wines will be bought by Sayburn, not just from the traditional areas but also interesting locations in Greece, byways of France, everywhere in fact, but they will also be taken from the cellars of Ashton and his investors. The entire business started because Ashton realised that over years of investing in wine en primeur or ‘wine futures’ and accumulating bottles for a cellar, he had amassed more wine than he could ever drink.

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