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Popular Danish steakhouse MASH has opened a stylish new penthouse restaurant on the top floor top of the Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen, with stunning views of the city.

MASH – Modern American Steak House – takes the best from the American steak tradition, namely large steaks carved from the best cattle in the world, and combined this with incomparable wines and cocktails.

Situated on the 12th floor in the new wing of the hotel, MASH Penthouse offers exquisite taste experiences in an elegantly designed environment, accompanied by one of the most beautiful views in Copenhagen.

The new restaurant offers both indoor as well outdoor service, on a large rooftop terrace.

When the first MASH restaurant was to open in Bredgade, Copenhagen in 2009, the aim was to cultivate the American steakhouse tradition, and at the same time add a modern touch.

The layout and design of the restaurant resulted from a collaboration with interior designer Mike Duncalf, who has been their partner in designing new locations for MASH, including the latest venue at the Tivoli Hotel.

According to MASH: “Our design and layout expression is exclusive, masculine, warm and simple.”

Following the completion and commercial success of the first restaurant on Bredgade, Copenhagen, Mike Duncalf has developed and completed nine MASH restaurants in Denmark, Germany and the U.K. The diversity of each location required a distinctive approach to design.

Large and spacious, the new Tivoli Hotel penthouse restaurant has a capacity of 90 indoor dining guests, while 60 outdoor guests can enjoy their dinner on the big rooftop terrace.


Michael Duncalf, director of Duncalf said: “Since we designed the first MASH restaurant in 2008, we have been working with them to expand their brand. They are very focused on the quality of their meat and the fact that they have an amazing collection of wines.
“The Tivoli Hotel is a 12 storey building in the centre of the city. As the buildings in Copenhagen are low rise, this is one of the tallest, and the restaurant is located on the top floor with great views of the city.
“For this location we have introduced a new cocktail bar design with a different look and feel to the dining room, with marble and fumigated oak wall paneling, chromed bar front and chairs and sofas in bold patterned black and tan upholstery fabrics and antiqued leathers.
“We have included a built-in whisky display cabinet and the MASH chilled steak display in the reception area.
“The dining area features floor to ceiling windows, the largest of which are 5 metres in height and offer fantastic view across the city, we created a furniture arrangement, which would give all the diners an opportunity to enjoy this vista and designed some new furniture elements to achieve this. However, we have included the key brand elements which communicate the MASH brand – such as the dining booths, glass and chrome chandeliers, wall tiles and signature red carpet.”
He added that some of the challenges presented by the project included the creation of the two storey wine cellar, as well as the need to communicate the restaurant’s location on the top floor to hotel guest and visitors. This was achieved through prominent signage within the lobby and a big red MASH cow figure outside the hotel.
“Overall, we had a good contract team and the hotel were great to work with and very responsive to what we were trying to achieve.

“MASH is a fantastic brand to work alongside, and it is great to work with their team and develop the brand across the exciting locations that they choose,” concluded Mike Duncalf.


UHS are the forerunner in the hospitality furnishing industry. The company continually inspires, creates, and finds imaginative and beautiful furniture solutions for restaurants, bars, and hotels.

UHS’ main offices are in Oxfordshire and Rome, plus the company has a global presence which has resulted in UHS creating the finest, specific craftsmanship and design of furniture. Recently, UHS has been involved with MASH.

Natasha Yelland of UHS Group, said:
“This has been a great project for us here at UHS, because working for MASH has allowed us to expand our knowledge of hospitality furniture to clients across Europe. Working with Herbert & Duncalf, we were able to provide this great steak house with our Madison bar stools. With a ribbed back feature and beech timber leg frame, these stools have been upholstered with a dark red leather, which goes well with the decor throughout the restaurant.”

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