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Accent Clothing

Accent Clothing
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Accent Clothing

Accent Clothing

New shopping and leisure complex The Broadway Bradford has welcomed a brand new clothing retailer to its premises – Accent Clothing. The single storey retail unit is situated on the ground floor of the complex, with luxury designer garments by Accent Clothing featuring prominently throughout the store.

JKC Ltd was main contractor on the Accent Clothing project, with Carl Mellor as Lead Joiner and Design Time Ltd as the interior designer.
Premier Hospitality spoke to Stuart Evans, Director at Design Time Ltd, to discover some further information about the project.

Stuart said:
“All of the stores in The Broadway opened simultaneously in November, and we were briefed in terms of concept design six weeks before that, so it was a very quick turnaround! It was a short scale with six weeks to create a design, undertake detail and design, secure contractors and equipment, brand fit out and merchandise.
“The landlords did provide a white box for Accent – a shell with lighting, heating, air conditioning and a shop front – so we were responsible for the internal displays and finishes, not a full fit out.”

Accent Clothing

The interior of the Accent store features a timber wall panel system which brings an extra layer to the white box, as well as acting as the ideal foundation for the furniture. The panelling system also handily carries behind it all of the technical services and lighting and electrics.

“Our biggest challenge was the short timescale. Accent have also been in Leeds for 30 years in one store, so this is their first venture of the Accent brand outside of Leeds – so that was a challenge knowing that the Bradford store had to meet the standards of the Leeds store, had to represent the Accent brand and offer something new.”

Stuart added:
“Accent’s main product range is denim – in fact it is famous for 70 various styles of denim – so we incorporated a large denim wall which acts as a key feature – many of the customers head to this area.”
A double height shop front displays large striking graphics in the windows, acting as another key element to the retail space. The design is warm, rich and stylish; and despite the integration of eye-catching features to the store, the main focus with Accent is primarily the product.

Stuart said:
“The store is situated between River Island and Schuh, which are both the brightest stores in the entire development. However, entering Accent shoppers are presented with a warm atmosphere, emitting a sultry vibe and a sense of intimacy.
“Accent is a great client to work with – the whole process of producing something for them, which they like, means a lot to us, and it is proving to be commercially successful which is fantastic. The feedback has been very positive, and the client is extremely happy with the new store.”
“To turn around something so quick was great – the whole process was quite a challenge but also very rewarding!”

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