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Dynamic Resources
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Dynamic Resources

Dynamic Resources
Established in 1994, Dynamic Resources is an international retail services organisation specialising in new store and showroom openings, store refurbishment, fixture/shop-in-shop installation, store maintenance, visual/graphic installations, site surveys and project management, giving it all the ingredients that a brand needs for the successful presentation of any retail environment.

Each year Dynamic Resources finalises over 8,500 projects around the globe, working for retailers, wholesale brands, fixture manufacturers and graphic suppliers. Regardless of the size of a client’s business, Dynamic Resources guarantee that they have the knowledge and experience to ensure that each and every project is executed flawlessly.

Speaking to Laurie Chalmers, Deputy Managing Director at Dynamic – Premier Retail discovered a few key details regarding the company, its services and its aims. Laurie commented:
“We started the business 21 years ago in New York, and subsequently 12 years later came to Europe, where we opened an office in London and another in Dublin. The very first project we completed was in New York in 1994, comprising a rollout for a large jeans company. It was a huge project for us at the time and there was, as always, just one chance to get it right.”
“This was a time prior to emails, so we had to figure out how to develop a network across the U.S. that could service trans-continental America. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the customer was delighted and impressed by our ‘can do’ attitude and attention to detail. It was at this point that we created our company credo which we still live by: no challenge too big and no detail too small.”
“That project began to make a name for us, and subsequently one of the biggest designers in the U.S. approached us, requesting if we could do the same for them – following this, the same thing happened with another one of the largest brands in the U.S.”
“At the time a lot of companies had transferred their offices to a central point in New York and in doing so lost most of their networks, hence it became difficult for them to service their property portfolio – so we essentially became an external extension to their business – because we were able to service their property and their needs in areas where they did not have a network; and that is where we went from strength to strength.”
“We work with anybody, from small independent companies to large brands. No matter how many sites they have we treat every client equally and give them the same level of service. I believe that good things start with small things, and I’m very confident that irrespective of the size of the client today, tomorrow they could be something else. For example, when we started working with Ted Baker ( they had half a dozen stores and now we’re currently working for them globally. We have worked with several companies such as this one from the beginning, taking care of their needs – and today many of them have expanded massively.”
“Whether it’s a graphic, maintenance, store or merchandising rollout or even building flagship stores, we can take care of all services for clients. Thanks to our global network we are able to support brands expanding into new territories and service their needs. We currently work on all seven continents and in the last few years have worked specifically in South Africa, Japan, Russia, North America, Canada, the Middle East, Mexico, the UK and of course mainland Europe.”
“What makes us unique is that we offer a one stop solution: everything from design, to manufacture, on site management, construction and installation services. Irrespective of the task, everyone and every project are treated of equal importance – and that is the secret to success for Dynamic – we care! Whatever the problem, we will solve it.”
“We offer a very tailored service and operate on a single point of contact system for clients, I think that’s why we have been so successful for the past 22 years. We always know what our client needs and we respond quickly and efficiently with no fuss, so we are more service-driven than many of our competitors.”
“We even create software specifically for our clients needs. A good example is our online reporting tool named iReact® which was tailor built for our business and for our clients. The iReact® tool allows the client to view all project deliverables i.e. photos, checklists, CAD drawings, sign-off sheets and can be modified to hold whatever information the client requires. The information can be viewed from any desktop on an ad hoc basis and can be downloaded into Excel for internal reporting. It’s all part of involving our clients and servicing their requirements – always our highest priority.”

Dynamic Resources

To illustrate their continual striving for improved standards, Dynamic has created a training facility known as ‘The Academy’ in two sites – and is now planning to open a third. The training facilities provide a centre of excellence and offer services such as the video training of contractors, merchandising and other various types of applications for some of the world’s largest brands.

“We have trained teams from 27 countries so far and we like to think that, as a result, we are raising the standards of the industry globally. There is nothing else like The Academy out there and clients react very positively to the fact that we care sufficiently to train people how to install their particular store solution to the highest degree – millimetre perfect.”

Dynamic has been involved with the construction of some fantastic stores for brands like G-Star, Boss, and Hilfiger – on the high street, in shopping centres and in airports. With $100 million a year turnover, the company has also managed a large number of global projects from site survey to installation, with follow up maintenance calls following the project handover. From warehousing to logistics, to delivery and installation, Dynamic has the network in place to make sure that projects are finalised to the high standards that they promise.

Shop installations range across a very broad spectrum from a fixture ‘change out’ involving a small table to the ‘full build out’ of a 200m² store, including flooring, electrical and lighting, construction, embellishment and interactive displays. In addition, the team at Dynamic can manage the inventory and install everything from a single display across various retailers, to an entire store with detailed finishing, fixtures and display.
Getting the presentation of a new store right, down to the smallest detail, is essential. Dynamic can manage the whole process that delivers a store, from design of services to management of local government agencies and their requirements, and from full build of the site to the setting up of maintenance contracts with local suppliers to planned and preventative service requirements.

Having installed a broad range of graphic and signage elements, Dynamic has installed everything from 60 metre long hoarding graphics to window vinyl and displays, to a poster at the back of a store. With copious amounts of different graphic materials and installation methods, the company knows the importance of having the right crew with the appropriate skills, as well as an appropriate network.

A tailored programme is available for clients and their refurbishment projects, with the help of staff experienced in all aspects of refurbishment and re-branding. Dynamic Resources knows that accurate planning, realistic timescales, and minimal disruption are the key components to a successful delivery.

Dynamic Resources

Maintaining a store is essential as it keeps the image and product up to date, ensuring that the levels of interest on the product do not expire. For reactive visits, the company has undertaken everything from changing light fittings in Stockholm, to fixing security locks in Munich, to addressing floods in Dublin. Dynamic Resources can also set up and carry out recurring visits for planned programmes, taking place each month to assess and repair any damage or issues.

Admirably, giving back to the community is something that Dynamic values strongly. With the belief that the company’s success, as a whole and as individuals, can only be measured by the good that they do for others – Dynamic Resources certainly does give back to the community and its favourite organisations, whilst also having fun at the same time.

For example, Dynamic support the Children’s Ambulance Service BUMBLEance, recently sponsoring their 2016 calendar.
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