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The Cotton Club

The Cotton Club
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The Cotton Club

The Cotton Club

Glasgow’s newest nightlife hotspot – The Cotton Club – has been revealed to the effervescent people of the lively city, adding a touch of retro glamour with its brand new 1920s speakeasy style bar and casino. The boutique venue is located on the ground floor of the award-winning Corinthian Club, presenting a state of the art casino experience.

The Corinthian Club is without doubt one of Glasgow’s ‘must see’ venues, presenting a beautiful building topped with a magnificent glass dome, and a wealth of history. Comprising four floors, the club is packed full of various private spaces, ideal for both social and corporate events. Bistros and brasseries await guests, offering the chance to undertake a wonderful culinary experience within a delightful setting.

Boasting glamour, charisma and charm, the atmospheric basement bar houses a casino and cocktail lounge, with a cool, quirky vibe. Offering vintage-style gaming, drinking and dining in a sultry setting, The Cotton Club has definitely brought something exciting to the table.

Design practice Jim Hamilton Design carried out the work on the lower floor of the prestigious Corinthian Club, delivering a dramatic result. Premier Hospitality spoke with Jim Hamilton, Director at Jim Hamilton Design, in order to find out some details on the project.

The Cotton Club

Jim said:
“From the start of the design process the refurbishment project began in early 2015 and was completed by early 2016. The lower floor was redesigned as part of the entire Corinthian Club, leading to the stunningly-transformed bar and casino.
“I think that our biggest challenge was the fact that part of the building was formerly an old bank – so there were very heavy beams and vaulted ceilings in place – and trying to make something that would work spatially and make it flow was quite difficult. Also, trying to make it feel different to a typical casino was quite a challenge, as we wanted it to stand out and offer something refreshing – and it certainly is quite cool and trendy – the kind of space people can hang out and relax in.

Delivering a first class gaming experience is not the only prospect for The Cotton Club – serving up the finest cocktails and various other drinks is also high on the agenda. All kinds of theatrical cocktails as well as the classics are available to customers. Fascinatingly, customers can also purchase their own personal bottle of Johnnie Walker Whiskey, which will be stored in the exclusive bottle keep in The Cotton Club bar, and those who purchase a bottle will also receive ‘the perfect pour’ tasting session.

The Cotton Club

A Cotton Club menu featuring mouth-watering nibbles is available to guests, comprising little delights such as maple and bourbon glazed pork belly bites, venison and cranberry sausage roll, chorizo in red wine, and basil arancini in Bolognese sauce. Sliders including classic beef, Swiss cheese and pickles are also on the menu, in addition to breakfast options.

Acclaimed designer Jim Hamilton summarised with:
“Interestingly, the building itself is a lovely old building with lots of history – and I think it was great how we maintained this sense of history but then also made it totally different to its original use and style. It’s been great to keep adding layers to it, making the entire building a whole lot more exciting.”

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