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Minus7 Launches A Low Carbon Heating Revolution For Housing

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Written by Amy
  • British company – the first to deliver low carbon heat, hot water & energy storage 24/7 365 days of the year
  • Household heating bills reduced to £200 per annum – delivering affordable warmth

A new and revolutionary solar heating, hot water and energy storage system, designed by British clean-technology company, Minus7, was launched at EcoBuild 2016 at London’s ExCel.  Installed in social housing schemes, new build homes and in retrofitted schemes, Minus7’s system is able to reduce the heating bill of an average three-bedroom home to around £200 per year.

Minus7’s patented system is a low carbon heat technology that delivers heat and hot water 365 days of the year.  It has the ability to harvest energy at much lower temperatures than other similar technologies (down to minus 7˚C, 24/7 and 365 days of the year), enabling it to deliver significantly higher money saving and lower CO2 benefits.

After a recent tranche of private investment in the company, and drawing upon its experience of installing and operating its system in 50 flats and houses, Minus7 is launching its upgraded energy system at EcoBuild 2016 and embarking upon a major sales drive to spark a house heating revolution across London and the UK.   A single Minus7 unit can deliver heat and hot water for up to four dwellings and is economic to run without government subsidy.

Hamish Wilson, Chief Executive of Minus7 said: “Our proven and patented technology means lower household heating bills and greater CO2 benefits:  affordable warmth combined with energy storage and using the very latest technology.  Our energy system combines the best of solar thermal, photovoltaic, energy storage and heat pump technologies in a single solution, and the payback period is considerably lower compared to other PV technologies.

“Renewable heating technologies remain under-deployed in the UK but we have demonstrated that our technology can deliver the right solution for tenants, homeowners and developers. Minus7 provides a commercially viable and proven low carbon integrated heating technology that is benefiting households across the country; it can now be deployed at scale and can spark a house heating revolution in this country.”

The patented Minus7 single integrated system technology is made up of three parts: a solar energy collecting roof (a visually unobtrusive roof made up of slate grey “tile style” aluminium planks filled with water) now with fully integrated solar photo-voltaic, a solar energy processor (SEP) and thermal storage tanks which heat the building.  The energy from the solar roof is processed by the SEP and moved to the thermal stores.  The water stores operate as a ‘battery’ for the complete heating and the hot water needs of the building.  A water-to-water heat pump within the SEP transfers the heat in the thermal stores if and when required, and because the pump runs independently from the energy demand of the building, the Minus7 system is already able to facilitate  full demand side management.

The technology can deliver low carbon heating and hot water for a range of building sizes and reaches its optimum performance by delivering heating and hot water for multi-dwellings / micro-district systems: typically, one Minus7 unit can deliver heat and hot water for up to four dwellings.

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