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DLM Architects were responsible for the design and fabrication of local pizzeria Rosso, creating an aesthetically stunning bar made from reclaimed timber. Additionally, the architectural company also carried out the design of La Frene, a converted barn which now encompasses a spectacular property boasting character and the luxuries of modern living. Both projects have admirably been shortlisted for the Guernsey Design Awards 2016, in the Small Projects (up to £250k) category.

David De La Mare, Director at DLM Architects, spoke to Premier Construction regarding the projects that have been nominated for the awards. On Rosso, David commented:

“In September 2014 we were approached to design a bar and some furniture for a new pizzeria that was being renovated. The intention was for it to be fabricated and ready to go ahead for Christmas 2014 – we did actually manage this however I believe in the end the restaurant opened in February 2015.

“Since Rosso opened, the feedback has been very good; the restaurant is quite unique compared to other offerings in this area. The restaurant owner’s report had a lot of positive feedback and it seems to be attracting a lot of attention which is great.

“The Italian inspired pizzeria is focused around wood-fired pizzas and Italian wines – that is why we chose to use a variety of timbers, to try and replicate the softness and the connection between the food and the interiors. The bar that we fabricated combines a mixture of 13 different species of reclaimed timber all taken from waste off cuts.

An absolute treasure to look at, the distinctive bar is crafted from around 2,500 pieces of wood. Displaying varied colours and textures, the stunning bar rests on a copper plinth, with a strip of light underneath, accentuating the fascinating characteristics of the work of art.

“Getting the bar into the restaurant was our biggest challenge! It is a fairly small space and we had about 2,500 pieces of wood so collectively it weighed a lot – there wasn’t really an option for the use of a crane so it had to be manhandled, and each piece is individually glued together.

“It’s nice to be doing something that a lot of people get to use. Also it’s great that it is a product that everyone can touch and something that ages and will show more character with time. The fact that it is built from reclaimed materials and sourced locally also makes it even more important to us.

Secondly, La Frene was a derelict traditional Guernsey barn, before being transformed into a stunning two storey property with all the flair and finesse one could desire for a home. The conversion began in February 2015 and was completed by August. The property features two en-suite bedrooms upstairs, and moving downstairs there is an open dining-kitchen space, a separate snug, study and cloakroom, with a utility and storage space.

Commenting on La Frene, David said:

“We wanted to reclaim all of the materials on site so we reused all of the granite-work that was there, as well as the original cobbles that formed part of the barn – they were sliced and reused as floor finishes in some areas. We tried to retain as much of the old barn’s existing character as possible, whilst bringing it up to modern standards – it is very highly efficient with the latest in smart lighting technology and heating systems.

“Our biggest challenge with La Frene was probably providing everything that was required within what was essentially a fixed enclosure, and because it was a barn conversion you can’t allow significant extensions – we had to make it work within the existing footprint of the barn – so it was a challenge to make everything work and feel more spacious, suiting the client’s needs.

When asked what it means to him to be shortlisted for the award, David replied:

“It’s great to be recognised amongst the other people that are showing excellence in their projects. I think it highlights to the public some of the good work that is taking place, and it feels good to be a part of that.”

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