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Polyco Knows Impact Protection Like The Back Of Its Hand

Polyco Knows Impact Protection Like The Back Of Its Hand
Written by Amy

Hand-protection specialist Polyco is launching a trio of truly exceptional gloves, which make light work of safeguarding wearers when things get heavy.

Sticks and stones may break your bones but the ones in your hands, at least, will be better protected if they’re wearing the new Multi-Task E™ (Hi-Viz), Grip It® Oil C5 TP, or Multi-Task E C5™. These latest products from Polyco all feature a layer of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) applied to the back of the gloves that has been carefully engineered to guard against injuries caused by impact. Later this year, a new version of EN388 – the mechanical hazards standard – will be published, which will, for the first time, cover back-of-hand protection. From 21 April 2018, new impact-resistant gloves will have to pass specific tests in order to comply with the standard.

Impact tests measure the amount of force transmitted to the hand after a blow to the back of it. To be effective in preventing injury, impact protection must be able both to divert the force of the impact and slow it down. The highly-flexible TPR applied to the back of the Multi-Task E™ (Hi-Viz), Grip It® Oil C5 TP and Multi-Task E C5™ is soft, which means it deflects the force of the blow away from the hand without compromising dexterity. The engineered rubber is strong and durable and will not break down over time, unlike foam or gel. It is also lightweight, which helps alleviate hand fatigue over long periods of wear.

But the designers and developers at Polyco didn’t just work on their backhand with this trio – they served up a volley of aces. All three new gloves feature a highly-tensile nitrile palm coating, which enhances protection and freedom of movement. In the Multi-Task E™ (Hi-Viz) and Multi-Task E C5™ this coating has been slightly roughened to improve handling performance, particularly in light oil conditions. The former also boasts a high visibility lining and TPR, padding on key areas of the palm and a reinforced thumb crotch for extra defence against injury.

The Grip It® Oil C5 TP comprises two layers of nitrile coating – a full, water-resistant layer and a second layer on the palm incorporating microfoam bubbles, which maximises grip in wet and greasy conditions. The soft, seamless liner in all three gloves is made from knitted nylon and, in the case of the Grip It® Oil C5 TP and Multi-Task E C5™, it is cut-resistant. Both the latter and the Multi-Task E™ (Hi-Viz) have an elasticated neoprene cuff with an adjustable VELCRO® wrist strap, which adds to their wearability and durability.

The gloves are ideal for use in a wide range of general handling activities and work environments, including automotive maintenance and repair, construction, light engineering and machine operation.

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