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Happy Samurai

Happy Samurai
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Happy Samurai

Happy Samurai

Direct from Tokyo, Happy Samurai is a fun and friendly, super-tasty healthy eating experience. Located at Marlow Arcade, Canterbury, the restaurant is themed on a Tokyo ramen noodle bar with wonderful and original flavours and tastes, direct from Japan.

Having opened on 1st August 2016, Happy Samurai aims to make Japanese casual dining accessible to everyone by offering food that is fresh, healthy and great value for money.

Located in a 1,044 sq ft site, Happy Samurai is all about being different and standing out from the crowd.

Their Japanese food is characterised by light, simple flavours, simple preparations and artful presentation. All of the flavours used at the restaurant come straight from Japan with the restaurant receiving its core ingredients from its factory in Hokkaido. This enables people to eat ‘authentic Japanese ramen and curry’ with the menu’s ‘healthy ramen’ promising to be within 500 calories. The restaurants meat and vegetables will be sourced from local suppliers, with food made fresh in the kitchen.

Happy Samurai

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish made from broth and a variety of ingredients and flavours to satisfy your hungry soul. Ramen is a hearty, healthy, fresh meal eaten every day. Anyone who is into Japanese food knows that Katsu curry is wickedly wonderful. One of the most popular dishes in Japan, it is so widely eaten it could be called a national dish. Happy Samurai also offers Fried Noodles – perhaps one of Japan’s best known street foods, fried noodles can be found sizzling away in stalls everywhere from baseball stadiums to traditional omatsuri (festivals). Side dishes include a range of colourful and tasty side dishes to make your meal much more appetizing. Some side dishes can be enjoyed by themselves and some complement the main dishes on offer.

Fresh dishes are fantastic value for money with the restaurant offering free Tokyo tea with your meal. A wide range of soft and alcoholic drinks are also available to suit all tastes. Sake, a Japanese rice wine, Japanese beers with rich flavours and heritage, cocktails and a selection of non alcoholic drinks are all available.

The site will have a ramen bar, sake bar and cocktail bar and will provide a multimedia experience with a TV screen at every table, showing animation and popular videos from Japan. Happy Samurai wants to create more than just an eating experience – it is entertainment. Japanese game shows, pop culture, challenges, clubs and tastings are all on offer.

For more information, please visit: And for those with a creative streak, Happy Samurai recommend you get creative with their menus and post your origami creations on Facebook or Instagram.


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