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Oxo Tower

Oxo Tower
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Oxo Tower – Reaching new heights of excellence

Oxo Tower

Oxo Tower Restaurant, London is a renowned, historic, landmark and dining venue, situated on the top floor of the Oxo Tower. The restaurant is known for its beautiful cuisine, as well as its superb views, which are as iconic as the building itself.

Recently, the restaurant benefitted from a complete overhaul of its kitchen, which was implemented by leading kitchen fit-out specialist, TAG Catering Equipment UK Ltd.

During the course of the project, TAG completely redesigned the kitchen, which included the strip out of the existing kitchen and installed new extract, flooring, lighting, walls, refrigeration and cooking equipment. The total build was 24 days from start to finish and was completed within a very challenging time frame, considering the location, build quality, delivery restrictions and budget.

Tyron Stephens-Smith, Senior Designer & Project Manager for TAG Catering Equipment UK Ltd, said:

“We are particularly pleased with our understanding and interpretation of the client’s requirements, as well as the quality of workmanship and finish. The new kitchen scheme is a huge improvement; the design is innovative, original, well thought out, with unsurpassed attention to detail as well as being aesthetically outstanding.

“A huge effort and a lot of research went into understanding exactly what the customer needed. The finished product and the praise we have received from all those working in the kitchen makes this an outstanding project.”

The most technologically advanced equipment was central to the scheme and included a De Manincor bespoke cooking suite, Frima bratt pan, Rational ovens and refrigeration all incorporated into a Total Control Remote Monitoring System (TCS).

The TCS system allows all appliances including the refrigeration and extraction, to talk to a main control which in turn monitors the power usage of all equipment at 70% less than the manufacturer’s power loadings, resulting in substantial energy savings. The system constantly monitors the working kitchen and detects possible faults before they develop; alerting both the client and service team via the internet. An engineer can then be dispatched with specific expertise and parts, eliminating a site diagnostic and allowing TAG to provide excellent after sales service and support.

Oxo Tower

Tyron said:

“The project brief was to provide a more efficient, reliable alternative to the existing kitchen, to be a long-term design that would last for 20 years plus and significantly improve working conditions. Energy consumption, maintenance costs and the landlord’s request to limit the use of gas in a domestic building were other factors to address as part of the brief.

“Numerous in depth conversations with both the client and chefs were vital in our understanding of exactly what the client wanted. We took into account their menu, output and limitations they had with their existing kitchen.”

Tyron added:

“We have been working with the client for many years in a service capacity; this gave us a unique insight into how the kitchen was used and the issues that needed to be resolved and improved in the new kitchen design.”

TAG produced a variety of drawings in both 2D and 3D so the client and chef could fully visualise their proposals in detail, highlighting specific areas. From the initial enquiry it took approximately one month to finalise the designs, during this time multiple variations were required to get the customer exactly what they required.

Tyron commented:

“We showed the client a selection of operational sites and manufacturers’ production facilities, allowing the client to fully understand the innovative technologies proposed.”

Since completing the project, the client is really pleased with the whole installation and innovative solutions, especially the TCS system, which allows the maintenance department the opportunity to continually monitor the entire kitchen.

Significant cost savings have been noted, specifically in terms of maintenance and lost revenue due to downtime of equipment and running costs; all of which were main factors included in the initial brief.

Oxo Tower

Head Chef, Jeremy Bloor, said:

“The kitchen is beautiful, it’s so much brighter and cooler than before, with the amazing new ceiling and equipment, everyone wants to work in this kitchen now.”

Jeremy added:

“Everything is perfect it’s surpassed my expectations and the new layout has made service so much more efficient.

“The improved design and new equipment has meant the kitchen works much more efficiently, allowing us to increase our covers. Overall the kitchen is calmer and a better working environment.”

The Head Maitre’d of OXO Tower said: “It’s helped us so much front of house, as everyone is more relaxed in the kitchen; they can take unique orders more easily and are a lot calmer, which has directly helped us to improve our service quality.”

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