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Smart Home Automation with Intelligent Heat

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Written by Amy

There is a distinct lack of control and programming ability with the heating and radiator systems in use now, and having to try and predict the next day’s weather is a nightmare even for the professionals!

Intelligent Heat provide radiators that are filled with a thermo-dynamic gel that reacts quickly when heat is called for but releases its energy in a controlled manner and evenly across the surface of the radiator, heating rooms to the desired temperature but using only the exact amount of energy required.

The thermodynamic fluid, especially designed for IntelliHeat, favours optimum circulation and quickly diffuses heat on all the exchange surface of the radiator. Its components also contribute to the permanent 100% “hot point” effect.

Each electric radiator works independently and can be programmed to match precise heat requirements through the day, allowing Intelli Heat to reduce energy use by as much as 20% depending upon the system already installed. And when used in conjunction with Intelli Heat’s Home Automation system, savings will be expected to exceed the 20 % quoted energy saving.

The majority of intelli heat business comes from customers looking to replace outdated storage heating systems because of their well-known drawbacks including the fact that they produce very dry air, are often bulky and unattractive, producing warmth in the morning and afternoon but fizzle out into the early evening.

Intelli Heat’s flexibility is complemented with the inclusion of the wireless Smart Home Automation app (WHAP). This allows clients to manage and program hourly/daily completely the heating and all other electrical appliances using a phone or tablet, from anywhere in the world. Perfect for those that use the property on weekends and holidays.

The new Whapp home automation allows the client to programme and monitor the temperature and energy consumption in each room making it very simple to optimise comfort at the same time as making real energy savings.

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